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  1. Handicapper's Association
  2. Handicapper's Association meeting
  3. Thanks PA
  4. All are welcome to attend meetings
  5. Transcript from Friday 5/30/2008 Meeting
  6. Progress?
  7. Highlighted posts from our original thread.
  8. Article germane to the discussion here
  9. Help name the new Handicappers Organization - Poll
  10. Pending US House hearing on racing
  11. Second Poll for our organization name.
  12. Next meeting
  13. H.A.N.A. Minutes - June 11, 2008
  14. REMINDER - HANA meeting in War Room June 18
  15. Which proposed reform should have highest priority?
  16. REMINDER - HANA meeting in War Room June 25
  17. REMINDER - HANA meeting in War Room July 3rd
  18. Please contribute $5 to help pay for the domain name
  19. HANA meeting Wednesday July 9th
  20. How About Amalgamating With This Group
  21. Poll --Will you attend July 9th HANA meeting?
  22. H.A.N.A. Wiki
  23. Website
  25. HANA domain / website / blog
  26. ADW Model
  27. HANA response to Paulick on his blog today
  28. Paradigm Shift
  29. John Quoted in Bloodhorse
  30. Are tracks afraid of winning players?
  31. Nick Kling on HANA et al
  32. Industry concerned about Federal Intervention, etc.
  33. Problem with HANA site?
  34. check this out
  35. Horse Player Coalition
  36. HANA Membership Update
  37. August 13th meeting agenda
  38. NTRA "Reaching A New Generation"
  39. Paulick Report
  40. Horse player groups on At The Races - Now
  41. HANA website is up
  42. HANA Press Release: Sept 21/2008
  43. HANA Update
  44. HANA: Dr. Z and Fotias Join Board
  45. What is HANA doing??
  46. HANA Goes to the Breeders Cup
  47. letter from Ca congressman
  48. Why I Left Racing
  49. Ideas for links page on the HANA Site
  50. We're In
  51. Can I help?
  53. HANA Press Release: Meadow and Mordin to HANA
  54. HANA topic on Del Mar Forum
  55. WTH?
  56. Breeders Cup Committee: Asking Fans for Help
  57. Things that make me leary about horseracing
  58. Press Release: Hollywood Deal and Internet Wagering Growth Plan
  59. New Series at HANA on Internet Wagering
  60. Just thought I'd mention this -- Google TV Ads
  61. HANA Gear - Wow!
  62. HANA on Facebook
  63. HANA Presenting the Starlet Trophy at Hollywood
  64. HANA Newsletter Vol1
  65. article on the effect of takeout.
  66. Losing my patience with the industry
  67. Anti-fan? I think he's talking about us
  68. Will Horseplayers and Horsemen Find Common Ground
  69. Your Voice is Being Heard
  70. Another really good analysis
  71. HANA Track Ratings
  72. TOC Restricts Rebates
  73. HANA Top Ten Exclusively at Bloodhorse.com
  74. Beyer Adds to Chorus on Takeout
  75. Number One Track In North America
  76. Ranking bet processing
  77. Pins No Needles
  78. Todd Schrupp on TVG
  79. New TVG Promo touting HANA ranking..
  80. shop at HANA
  81. Orders on Pins Being Accepted
  82. HANA Day at the Races - Can you make it?
  83. 21 to 65 HANA Tracks
  84. New York Lawmakers Shaking, And So They Should
  85. Rebates by Track
  86. New Blog Post...GREAT Idea!
  87. HANAnews Vol 2 Is Out
  88. Mark Cramer on Sartin
  89. Mayo announces first target
  90. WRD Race 6 - Free PP's, Figs and Much More
  91. This is ridiculous
  92. Best Guess for today's
  93. Next Tuesday - Hitting Tampa Bay
  94. Free PP's et al for Tampa Tuesday Race 6-8
  95. TAM pk-3 pools 4/7/09
  96. Next Pool Party: This Tuesday At Mountaineer
  97. MNR Tuesday: Free Tools
  98. RCI Conference: Maloney, HANA
  99. Next Pool Party: This Saturday At Turf Paradise
  100. Platt on TVG
  101. Turf Paradise Scrapped - Hawthorne Saturday instead
  102. Free PP's for Pool Party Race 6 At Hawthorne on Saturday
  103. HANA in Down The Stretch
  104. Raise in Take out Rates?-Ca. CHRB
  105. A suggestion to HANA and it's members
  106. HANA suggestion, Atlantic City Race Track this Thursday
  107. I wish I would have gone now
  108. Player Resource Section of HANAweb
  109. advertising
  110. HANA Donations + Lapel Pins
  111. Mike Maloney Named VP Regulatory Affairs
  112. HANA Pool Party Saturday: Race 6 Prairie Meadows
  113. New Group/Email List for the Pool Party
  114. This weeks Pool Party
  115. John Pricci Feature Article on HANA
  116. Question about the HANA pins
  117. Pool Party Heads To Churchill
  118. List of ADW's
  119. Going Forward...
  120. PID Article
  121. HANA Pool Party: Monmouth Saturday race 9
  122. Woodbine Lowers Track Take Out
  123. Pool Party Alert: Monmouth Right Back
  124. Private Members Only Forum?
  125. HANA should let TVG know that what they have done is bad for all horseplayers
  126. Are you a HANA member
  127. Could be a record day for HANA today
  128. Hollywood Park July 10 & 11
  129. Question - Would handle increase solve any problems?
  130. Any HANA members going to be at HOL Saturday?
  131. Pool Party Heads to Arlington Park
  132. Why isn't there a link to your website here?
  133. Yavapai Downs Press Release
  134. HANA Goes Hollywood
  135. HANA heads West - Yavapai
  136. Opening up for HANA Members...
  137. HANA Newsletter: Volume 3, Summer 2009
  138. Harness Racing
  139. It's starting - Slots Funding Looking to Be Cut
  140. Open Letter to HANA
  142. What's been accomplished so far in 2009
  143. A Tale of Two Meets
  144. Get In The Pool ELP R9
  145. Once again....Horseplayers aren't considered by the people in charge
  146. Ten Percent Takeout is High Enough - DRF
  147. Poll - Is Takeout too high?
  148. Poll - Should horseplayers become more involved?
  149. Poll - Arizona's ADW Law
  150. Poll - Horseplayer involvement and Arizona's ADW Law
  151. HANA Information Center
  152. Question regarding non-runners/stewards
  153. Whobet - New Idea - Get the Race tracks to become a Hana member
  154. A New Idea
  155. HANA - Off Topic
  156. HANA involvement in saving Ellis Park?
  157. HANA Track Ratings w/ a Bell Curve
  158. HANA vs Pope
  159. Fotias interview
  160. Why can't the industry see the Big Picture?
  161. Happy Birthday HANA
  162. What Has HANA Accomplished?
  163. Any representation by HANA here?
  164. HANA Represented in Thoroughbred Times - Decent Read
  165. Del Mar Forum Beating Up On Hana;)
  166. California Rebates (not)
  167. Quotes And Comments That Make Sense
  168. Quotes From People Who Are Clueless
  169. Last Minute Late Updates Now On Equibase
  170. Meadowlands 15% takeout
  171. John Pricci to Advisory Board: Release
  172. Keeneland Fall
  173. Change or Turn out the Lights
  174. HANA: Fight for TSN Customers
  175. Are The Voices Of Horseplayers Being Heard?
  176. Horse Racing Consultant Gets It In A Big Way
  177. For the benefit of Industry Decision Makers
  178. BOLDNESS will turn the industry around
  179. Vic Zast On Takeout
  180. Swetye retires from Board of HANA
  181. Arnold signs bill to "help" horse-racing industry
  182. YouTube - Epic Battle: Gandalf vs. the Balrog/Horseplayers vs. the Take!
  183. HANA Betfair Interview re Breeders Cup
  184. Re: HANA Member Survey
  185. Breeders Cup Week at Santa Anita
  186. HANA Has Changed Awareness
  187. HANA Fall Newsletter
  188. Interview with HANA's Theresia Muller
  189. HANA TRACK RATINGS?? 2008???
  190. Tracknet/Mid Atlantic Impasse
  191. Pricci Does It Again
  192. Anyone Play Tampa? Like to Write?
  193. Tampa Bay - Interview and Lower Takeout for Dec 12th meet
  194. Zorn Asks Why Does Anyone Bet On The Races
  195. Year in Review and Happy Holidays
  196. Paulick Report's #1 Read Story of the Year
  197. Pool Parties?
  198. HANA Day at the Races - Feb 6 at Tampa Bay Downs
  199. CA Takeout Increase
  200. Pricci on takeout increases
  201. From Craig at LAD.
  202. Arizona ADW Update
  203. Equibase adds Weather and Track condition to Scratches Today page
  204. Mike Maloney interview in Bloodhorse
  205. HANA Day at the Races - Keeneland April 17th
  206. Tioga Downs Lowers Takeout to NY State Minimum
  207. Roger Way - Cali HANA Rep
  208. 2010 HANA Track Ratings
  209. #1 Track and all 69 Tracks Released
  210. Tampa Bay takeout rated an overall B...Why?
  211. New Rulings Database Launched
  212. Slots Help Horsemen Purses,Not Bettors
  213. Invite to HANA Members tomorrow.
  214. Press release: Contest and Capping Tools Tioga
  215. California HANA heads up
  216. HANA website link to Paceadvantage?
  217. Change email address
  218. Good Job HANA
  219. Zenyatta/HANA
  220. CHRB Meeting,6-22-10/Stronach/Audio
  221. Dennis Mills..Lets help him
  222. HANA Day the Races At Monmouth
  223. Email Address Update
  224. Item#16,CHRB meeting,7-22-10,Del Mar
  225. Thoroughbred Takeout Increase in California?
  226. Tioga handle up with takeout reduction
  227. Ca. State Senate Hearing(AB2414)
  228. CHRB appointments put on hold
  229. ILL. ADW
  230. Roger Way(rwwupl) on SiriusXM
  231. How About a "Show" of Solidarity?
  232. Publicizing Takeout
  233. Why Do California Players Pay More to Bet?
  234. CHRB Press Release of 9/23 meeting summary.
  235. Slot Money for Customer Development Press Release
  236. What is optimal takeout?
  237. Best method to determine optimal takeout??
  238. California Boycott, H.A.N.A, and the Sacred Cow called Rebates!
  239. Big Picture Horse Racing
  240. Conference Call with TOC Members and Horseplayers on Friday (10-22)
  241. As a member
  242. What gives HANA?
  243. Pricci must go
  244. Cal MacWilliam added as HANA Advisor/Board Member
  245. Call for Change at the CHRB
  246. Tampa Bay Downs- TakeOut!!!!
  247. CHRB meeting highlights 12-16-10
  248. HANA Given "President's Award" by Harness Racing
  249. HANA, where you at?
  250. Boycott underway