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07-08-2009, 02:22 PM
Hi People:

As some of you know, I am the Announcer at Arapahoe Park, and have been asked to come up with some suggestions for next years race meet and would appreciate the input of my fellow HANA members.

1. In 2010 there will be thirty nine days (as opposed to thirty six in 2009) and there will be across the board purse increases of 8%. This has already been confirmed and the money is held in trust for that purpose.

2. I am proposing a three day a week meet (we will still have twenty seven races per week) with ten races on the Saturday and Sunday with a 2pm post time and although we currently have 25 minute gaps between post times, i am going to propose moving it to 29 or 30 minutes. We will try to time the races to fit inbetween bigger venues.

3. For Fridays I am proposing a seven race program starting at 5pm, last race at 8pm. It is still plenty light enough at that time and after racing, there can be a disco or a live band in the basement. I would propose a $3 admission with $1 beer, hot dogs, burgers, etc. Any other suggestions welcome...

4. Every day inside a program we will give away four $50 betting vouchers to lucky winners, for the next days racing.

5. Take Outs: I am going to suggest a progressive takeout on all wagers. Simply put the greater the stake the less the take out. The percentages would need to be worked out but I think this is a way we can reward the horseplayer and not undermine the $2 fun players.

6. We currently have a TV show on Altitude TV which costs money. Would the money be better spent updating our website, podcasts, etc?

7. Introduction of a new wager. I am very open to ideas here. My idea at the moment is a "Super 7" where you pick one horse to finish in the top three in the last seven races of the day. Race by race, we announce the amount of tickets still in to build up the excitement and perhaps by the last race, give the num ber of winning tickets each horse in the last is ridning on. The winner gets the pot or it shared if more than one. And of course, if no winners it is carried over to the next "Super 7"

8. I am also proposing to do away with the Quinella wager and replace it with another fun wager and am open to suggestions for that.



07-08-2009, 03:24 PM
"8. Do away with the quinella"

Put in a "HAT-zacta" 1st and 3rd pay off.
Do you know how rich would be if the offered that today????:D

A big :ThmbUp: for showing some innovation!!!!!

07-08-2009, 08:50 PM
I've never played Arapahoe. Can you elaborate on what you are going to suggest w/r to takeout? It's extremely high.

also, which ADWs carry Arapahoe?

I agree with eliminating the quinella, you need all the liquidity you can get in your exacta pool. For that same reason, I'd probably suggest against any new gimmick bet. Especially if it will also carry a 25% takeout.

I don't know what your current bet selection is, but I'd roll DDs and P3's, late P4, no P6 or any other horizontal gimmick, and probably suggest a $0.50 minimum on the P4.

07-08-2009, 10:49 PM
I am a HANA member, and will offer 2 suggestions:
1) Career Day on a dark day or prior to a night card, for high school seniors, to teach them about a variety of jobs from trucking to office to communications to fast food, all the jobs that take place all over the track. You could have guided tours of students in small groups to several areas of interest as well as booths set up by horseowners about their regular business or professional occupation. Career Day would be to give them an idea of what many occupations entail, and get them to consider non-college careers also. You could give out track business cards to direct them to your Newbie Liason Employee for free handicapping classes and learning how to bet (when they turn 18 and on another day). Business cards can include discounts at the track.
2) The gimmick bet would a special seperate pool to be closed 30 minutes prior to the feature: Paid if the longest shot in the regular win pool tote board wins the feature, to those who bet that horse in the seperate pool; If no winner on the last race day, the pool goes to whoever bet the winner of the last feature regardless of odds on that horse in that seperate pool. Call it something llike "Lucky Longshot Payday". (Maybe a special very low takeout).
A longshot winner would pay enough to make the news, and the last day winner would reward many regular players. Hopefully even if no one wins prior to the last race day, everyone will come out and bet every horse in the feature in the seperate pool! This may encourage more betting also into the feature's regular win pool!

07-10-2009, 01:16 AM
Some great ideas Craig. Sounds like you guys are really trying out there. Love the wager giveaway ideas.

07-10-2009, 01:22 AM
Hi People:

I would propose a $3 admission with $1 beer, hot dogs, burgers, etc. Any other suggestions welcome...


I am not a H.A.N.A. member.
I presume that the rest of us can contribute too although your thread doesn't exactly communicate that.

$ 3 admission? Why bother? Bettors will put that through the windows.
I suggest:

07-10-2009, 05:57 AM
Craig I'm being lazy so what's your post time out there and where are you at and what kind of condition book you got goin on??!!

My only suggestion is to say stay away from the N1Y,N2Y for 2 year horses.They are black holes in a program.Lifetime races attract young horses that are blossoming and open claiming events attract good horses,the rest are usually decent.And statebreds really ruin fields too.Do what Tampa does if you have an influence,offer incentives to Statebreds but don't isolate the competition.They have statebred races on the turf here at River Downs and it's the biggest farce on earth.Maybe in 300 years there will be proper breeding for 3yo Ohio bred fillies on the lawn at a mile and a sixteenth but we'll be long dirt by then!!

Anyway.I'm takin you up on the TP gig in September.Let me know!


07-10-2009, 09:18 AM
Progressive takeouts?: The ADWs and simulcast outlets wouldn't deal with that, unless you mean it only applies to live bettors.

I think that the way to go is lower takeouts/rebates for account holders, and if one chooses not to be an account holder, they get to pay the higher takeout.