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Jeff P
10-16-2009, 10:10 PM
It has recently come to our attention that many decision makers within the thoroughbred and harness racing industry... Track operators, ADW operators, industry committee members, leadership of various horsemen's groups, tote company operators, racing officials, data suppliers, software providers, turf writers and editors, and yes influential players - all make it a point to read the pages here at Paceadvantage.com on a daily basis.

Mike, the admin at Paceadvantage.com has been gracious enough to provide us with a HANA forum. And for that were are extremely grateful.

However - We at HANA want there to be no confusion.

We are making this post for the specific purpose of educating any and all racing industry decision makers reading the pages here at Paceadvantage.com.

We want you to know exactly who the HANA Board Members are.

Please do not mistake posts made by non HANA Board Members as being anything other than the opinions of the poster making such posts.

HANA Board Members:

Jeff P is actually Jeff Platt... HANA President
silk is actually Mike Maloney ... HANA VP
miesque is actually Theresia Muller... HANA Treasuer
DeanT is actually Dean Towers... HANA Secretary
BillW is actually Bill Weaver... HANA Board Member
Horseplayersbet.com or Cangamble is actually Maury Ezra... RETIRED HANA Board Member
Charli125 is actually Charlie Davis... HANA Board Member

HANA Advisory Board Members
Barry Meadow is actually Barry Meadow... HANA Advisory Board Member

We also have HANA Advisory Board Members... Cary Fotias, Dr. William Ziemba, Nick Mordin, and John Pricci... but to my knowledge they do not post here regularly... even though I sometimes wish they would.

This post is in no way intended as a slight to the many others here who have helped us get going... many of you have helped to strengthen our cause with your insightful, eloquent, and sometimes critical posts... CJ, Chickenhead, rwwwpl, Turfnsport, Boomman, Ian Meyers, Dan G, JimG, CBedo, JustRalph, Richard Bauer, DJofSD, Rook, Tom, NJCurveball, Ron Tiller, Donnie, GameTheory... - I hope I'm not leaving anybody out but I just know that I have to be at this point - we owe you ALL a sincere debt of gratitude... Special THANKS are also in order to those of you who have taken the time to become HANA Members... especially those of you who have seen fit to travel cross country on your own dime to meet up with us...

Back to the point of this post...

If you are a racing industry decision maker trying to decide what issues are critical to HANA and what issues are not... we have them clearly spelled out on our website.

Please do not mistake posts made by non HANA Board Memebrs as speaking for HANA.

Thank You,

Jeff Platt

President, HANA