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08-06-2010, 12:05 PM

Robert Goren
08-06-2010, 12:52 PM
This proves what I and a lot of other posters have been saying over and over again. The next step is to get the law changed so they can lower it even more and their business can grow even more.

08-30-2010, 06:01 PM

Bill Finley ESPN.com

A racing resurgence at Tioga Downs

At the start of this year's meet, Tioga lowered its takeout to the minimums allowed under New York racing regulations. The experiment is working. Settlemoir said that he expects Tioga will show a handle increase this year in live and simulcast betting, something few other tracks will be able to boast in this economy. A total of 15 percent is taken out of the pools at Tioga on win, place and show bets and 17 percent on exactas, but even that is so high that very few horseplayers can expect to make money betting. Settlemoir understands that and knows excessive takeouts are among the many reasons racing is struggling. If he and Gural get their way, the takeout on Tioga races will go even lower.

"Jeff and I would like to see the takeout lowered to 9 or 10 percent," he said

09-12-2010, 04:05 PM
For those who do not check the harness board, we have a story up on the contest that was run to support the Tioga meet.

You can look at it here if you are interested:


09-15-2010, 01:22 PM
Final Handle numbers are in. Thanks to everyone who played. I see in the press release they mentioned the players here at Paceadvantage in the contest!

With Lowered Takeout, Tioga Meet Up 4.1%

Tioga Downs wrapped up its 2010 racing season on Saturday, September 11 in front of a packed house of fans and horsemen.

Tioga made headlines earlier in the year when takeout rates were lowered to state minimums for the 2010 race meet, and as the final numbers came in, the results were promising. In a time when growth in business is hard to come by, Tioga Downs was up in live handle 4.1% over 2009, and was also up in export by 8.7% over the previous year.

“To be up in handle in both categories during this time in the economy and show over an eight per cent jump in export is really promising. We have to thank HANA (Horseplayers Association of North America) for their support during our takeout rate initiative this year, and everyone who supported it by betting on the Tioga product,” said Jason M. Settlemoir, Tioga Downs VP of Racing and Simulcast.

Tioga Downs also saw a total of 13 track records take new occupants during 2010, which also featured two World Records on one day. Manningly (http://trackit.standardbredcanada.ca/?op=QRAP&id=534068) and driver Jeff Gregory set a World Record for a four-year-old trotting horse on a five-eighths-mile track in 1:52.3. Only two races later, Temple Of Doom and pilot David Miller reset another World Record, this one for three-year old trotting colts on a five-eighths-mile track in 1:52.4. The two overall track records got taken down this year; Manningly’s 1:52.3 World Record established a new overall track record on the trot, while Shark Gesture’s win in the inaugural Bettors Delight Open Pace in 1:48.3 destroyed the previous all age track record on the pacing side of things.

As always, the 2010 Drivers’ Championship was the highlight of the 2010 race season. The fourth edition of the event was captured by Hall of Famer Ron Pierce. It was the fourth straight year that Pierce had participated in the event, and after last year’s loss in the final race to finish second, Pierce captured victory and the $25,000 first prize in 2010.

New to the 2010 race season was a year-long handicapping contest which was updated on the Tioga Downs website each week. The contest, dubbed the 'Pens vs. Microchip,' saw a handicapping software system -- 'Chatsworth Consortium,' designed by Trackmaster -- face off against a few human handicappers and the morning line. When the contest came to a close, the Chatsworth Consortium, which was offered for free all year long at Tioga, came out on top with an astonishing 16% ROI. 'Bobby Z,' with 4% ROI, finished second. 'Mel,' with a -5% ROI, finished third. 'Ray’s Robot,' with a -9% ROI, finished fourth.

As in past years, Tioga Downs once again pushed promotions and giveaways to fuel attendance during the 58-day race meet. Opening day was held on Kentucky Derby Day to create a full day event for the Southern Tier fans, while closing night was in co-ordination with the 2010 Horseplay Car Giveaway and $20,000 Mystery Voucher Giveaway.

“We push towards on track attendance and handle here at Tioga and try to drive our customers on track with promotions every day, and giveaways a few times a month. Customers want to feel like they are ahead when they walk in the door, and when they can get into drawings and promotions everyday to win prizes it keeps them coming back and looking forward to their next visit,” Settlemoir said.


09-15-2010, 06:51 PM
As I posted on the other thread, if they cut their takeout 25% (don't know the exact figure but it's in this area, isn't it?) and handle went up 8%, it's not exactly encouraging other tracks to follow suit. Depressing news really.

09-15-2010, 08:53 PM
As I posted on the other thread, if they cut their takeout 25% (don't know the exact figure but it's in this area, isn't it?) and handle went up 8%, it's not exactly encouraging other tracks to follow suit. Depressing news really.
Their total takeout wasn't cut 25%. Also, are you taking into consideration what other harness tracks are doing this year?

Cutting takeout is a long term solution, not a short term one anyway. More horseplayers lasted longer, had more fun, and are more likely to become long term players. That is where growth comes in. They are also likely to bring the odd friend to the track every now and then.

This is hardly depressing news.

09-17-2010, 02:36 PM
Settlemoir on Trot Radio.

A nice live interview with Tioga's VP on their meet. Nice to hear this from track execs!

It's a great interview to listen to, and worth it!


If any harness players want to comment on the article, it might be a good thing for the sport.