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07-24-2011, 11:55 PM
So today I thought I would do a little bit of reading.Got this book by Mr. James Hillis,and it is only roughly around a hundred pages,so i figured what the hell lets knock this thing out play a couple of races today nice relaxed sunday.:cool:
This is only the second book on handicapping i read,the previous one Handicapping 101 by Brad Free I thought was an awsome starter into the game.He provided insightful and real advice and strategies.I really enjoyed the book,I knew it was going to be hard to duplicate such an effort.So I kept an open mind,however this book The Art and Science of Picking Winning Horses is a joke imo.Now I'll admit im new to this whole game,I am aboslutely positive that there is A TON and I mean A TON of things I dont know but I feel like this book is absolute trash.I honestly think that if we compiled some of the great insight,knowledge,and strategy floating around here on paceadvantage a better piece of literature could be produced.
First off this books length raised eyebrows right from the get go.How can you hammer the science of handicapping into 100 pages?I'm not sure if even the best handicapper could give a lot of useful info in such a short amount.I know its quality not quantity but there is really not a whole lot of quality.The author James Hillis (By the way if anyone could link me some more information on this guy thatd be awsome....is he legit??I tried to google for him to see if he had a handicapping website or if I could see some of his plays I couldnt find it)stresses early secondary factors when it comes to wagering that really arent the most important thing.He discusses the importance of jockeys and trainers very early on.Which had me scratching my head a little because in Brad Frees book the subject was touched on but much later in the book,and briefly.It was discussed after the subjects of class,form,pace,and speed were covered.His sixth chapter "Signs Against A Horse," consists of two pages...two frickin pages!His five signs could be summed up as this:
"1.Running A Shorter Distance...2.Weight and Class Raises...3.Stretch Gainers...4.Slow Breakers...5.Going From Minor to Major Tracks." Now I'd have no problem of being open to his ideas,however each of these was followed with a brief description (one paragraph).I know im a rookie horse player,but I believe like even a veteran handicapper would be dissatisfied with this little information!If you are going to take the time to write a book on your theories and strategies at least elaborate on them!Back them up!
Another problem I have with this book is,compared to Handicapping 101 this guy never discusses his plays,never shares a winning story,never even discusses a race!Brad Free could back his strategies and logic up with evidence of his winning picks.This guy...his picks are no where to be found.I could go on and on about how disatisfied I am with this book but I think this was enough.Sorry if this was a bit of a rant and hard to understand but I am furious!:bang: Please do yourself the favor skip this piece of garbage!

07-25-2011, 12:45 PM

I to can not find anything about James Hillis, except the following review by T. Dana Smith that stats he is a handicapping guru.

Playing the Ponies for pleasure and profit June 07, 2011 3:00 AM by T. Dana Smith

The record attendance at the Kentucky Derby this year made dolts out of a few newscasters who reported horse racing was a dying sport.
Then when Animal Kingdom, whose victory at the Derby many reporters thought was a fluke, finished second to Shackleford at the Preakness Stakes, another forecast was riddled by reality.
Truth is, the Sport of Kings is still one of the kings of sport! Whether you play the ponies every day of the season or travel to the track just for a day’s entertainment and a few Bloody Marys, this book just off the shelf shows you how to make your pastime more pleasurable by coming home with profits in your pocket.


08-09-2011, 04:24 PM
Just go to Amazon.com....They had one customer review.........And he said it was a waste of time for beginners......Notice the price was dropping........meaning the book is a loser.......!!!