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Originally Posted by Track Collector View Post
Hey proximity, great to hear you are back in action, and posting your interesting stories on the poker forum. It just happens that today was a very unusual poker day for me.

It started on the felt at Maryland Live. They were running $400 High Hands every 15 minutes, which later switched to $599 every 20 minutes. Here are some of the "highlights":

--- I get AA and raise pre-flop. Two callers. Board is 2 7 5 rainbow. I bet out $25 and get one caller. He has 79o and turns a 9.
--- I end up with 2 pair, AT, but villain's pocket 66 found a third one on the flop.
--- I go all-in pre-flop with KK. Villain has 44 and catches a third one one flop.
--- I have AQs and bet $10 pre-flop. A not-so-good player raises to $90. I jam all-in figuring worst likely scenario is KK (but not AA because I have a blocker) where I have 30% equity. He turns over K9o (which a Texas Holdem Calculator has me as a 2-1 favorite). I flop a Q but he turns a K, so bye bye to that buy-in.

There were a few other hands that I think I got it in good, but the variance went against me in those as well. Overall I left MDL down $600.

I decided to drown my troubles by going to the CT (Charles Town) poker room on the way back home to see if I could get back a little of the afternoon losses. They first told me to go to table 8, but I was watching the Preakness race on one of the monitors. As I headed to table 8, they then said to go to table 1.

My very first hand was 99, and the flop included another one. Could the tide be changing that soon? Someone else lead out with a small $15 bet and I smooth-called. The turn was a blank with another $15 lead-out bet and a call by me. The river paired an existing Q on the board. The previous aggressor checked, and folded when I bet $60. I am now up about $100, with only $500 more to go, or would my short-term gain disappear later with my earlier day's "luck". I later get KK and win after calling a lady's $57 all-in pre-flop. Another hand somewhere I had AQo and ended up flopping 2 pair and winning. Then I got AA and shoved all-in after someone raised to $13 and 3 others called. No callers, including a looser player with a large stack.

Then around 9:20 p.m. or so I get 99 again. I think someone bet $10 and I called. The flop came QJ9 rainbow and the fellow who bet $10 pre-flop bets $40. I go all-in ($300+) and he calls (with about $225). If he already has the straight, I have about a 33% chance to turn/river the full house. If he has a higher 3 of a kind, I am crushed with only having a 1-outer and probably heading home very depressed. The turn is a brick and the river is the last 9!!! All that worry for nothing though, as he only flopped top two pair, where I was good the whole way. High hands end at 9:00 p.m. on Saturdays, but it was in sudden death overtime because no one had a qualifying hand during the 8:00-9:00 p.m. period. The HH was only a lowly $200 (minus $20 dealer tip), but it does add to the bankroll.

Shortly after 10:00 p.m. I decided to bank my great fortunes of the evening and quit. Interestingly though, just a minutes before that someone (who was not particularly a strong player) did go all-in pre-flop for about $65 but I decided to fold like everyone else, despite having pocket Jacks. A +$130 day sure looks great when compared to -$600 or even worse.

By the way I am leaving for a solo racing trip to New Mexico in a few days to get in SunRay Park and Ruidoso on my visit list. While there I plan to play poker a few times at the Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque.
now that is an ALCOA FANTASTIC FINISH for the ages!!

hopefully you got estrella's friend jose ortiz in the big race?

anyhow, despite the bad luck you seem to be doing a tremendous job of getting calls while being way ahead and certainly we're all looking forward to hearing about new mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!
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staring at lasagna and cheeseburgers....or tossed salads and scrambled eggs??

ok poker fans we are back in marvelous atlantic city for one final day of gambling adventure!!

we check out of the ocean hotel before feeding ourselves some delicious french toast in "the district" food court and feeding the slots in their beautiful casino.

estrella wants another crack at the tropicana's machines and her novio certainly has unfinished business in their poker room. so we start back down the boardwalk.

the lion has skipped town with an unblemished 4-0 record. the lioness finishes 0-1 but has a great time playing and possibly seems set to share her husband's passion..... until she witnesses the now infamous "village people" game a couple nights ago at the trop. the lion loved that game for its donkeys while the lioness hated it for its asses.

thirty minutes into today's 3/6 limit contest and i'm still looking to see my first donkey of the week at the trop. after hearing about yesterday's loss the lioness reminded me that if i can't spot the sucker in the first 30 minutes at the table.... i AM the sucker!

unfortunately i'm losing again and these tough limit players aren't looking like they're going to give me too much. they educate me on the local high hand practices so i don't miss out, should lightning strike.

apparently for awhile they used code words from the borgata like lasagna and cheeseburger?

"borgata players try to work these words into the conversation (with a wink and a nod) if they (ahem) need help getting the pot high enough to qualify for the jackpot," a helpful player tells me.

"but here we use something called the stare" he continues before going on to describe an uncomfortably long period of eye contact.

just then, my first donkey opponent of the week sits down and gets me back in the game when he suddenly raises me with bottom pair after i river trips!

later, the dealer is pushing victory towards me when top pair seems to have somehow held off a board that runs out with four spades. but another donkey has flipped over 63 off suit with the six of spades. an apparently unbelieving table is dead silent and the dealer is pushing me the pot but i speak up and point to the donkey's spade. it stings to go winless at the trop but it was the right thing to do.

up the boardwalk we stop for smoothies at the hard rock before reluctantly heading back to grantville. we do get to see kelsey grammer
who is in town promoting his faith american brewing company.

i'm explaining dr frasier crane's run through the decades and time zones (in spanish) as we sip our hard rock smoothies.

life is good.

thank you for reading!

game -18 (3/6 limit)
year -102 (0-2)

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all of my local indian casinos have closed their poker rooms over the last 5 years so not playing much. I do like to follow the WSOP and Dnegs has an interesting vlog.

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Old 06-15-2022, 12:32 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by davew View Post
all of my local indian casinos have closed their poker rooms over the last 5 years so not playing much. I do like to follow the WSOP and Dnegs has an interesting vlog.
that's the situation we're in at pen and we feel your pain dw.

after big stock market losses and buying estrella a popcorn at top gun: maverick i'm not in the best financial position but there's a BIG opportunity today at 3:00 to stake trooper 97 in the millionaire maker which i believe is starting this weekend!

trooper is putting up $500 of the $1500, so there will be $1000 available!

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insane donkeyfest at natioal harbor!!

whizz protege deals turn before flop action complete!!

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Was browsing around and checked out or watched again a number of videos related to the Mike Postle cheating that supposedly took place a few years back.

I found this under one of the comment sections, which I think some of you will find interesting:

Disclaimer: Don't use this as an excuse for your significant cooler periods.
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