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Originally Posted by mostpost View Post
Actually, I am currently 5'11" 212 pounds. So I would be a fairly large despicable person. Except I am not despicable in any way. Of course the punishment far outweighed the crime. Of Course the North Koreans are brutal a$$h)les. But guess who would not now be in a coma after spending a year in one of North Korea's hellhole prisons, if he had not been so stupid as to go to North Korea and steal a poster? Otto Warmbier, that's who.
He was a dumb kid. How many of us did more than one dumb thing when we were his age where we got lucky in not paying severe consequences?
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Originally Posted by FantasticDan View Post
Let's say you're traveling with the same tour group that Warmbier was. You've been lectured 1001 times by various people before and during the trip about all the risks of being in N Korea and all the rules you must follow, how you must behave, etc. THIS IS NO JOKE, they tell you. YOUR LIFE COULD BE AT STAKE.

So you're pretty stunned when Otto tells you he's going to ignore all that and steal a political banner to bring back to his hometown church.

Pretty sure "You're an idiot" are the next words coming out of your mouth..
He shouldn't have gone. No one should, so that makes for far more than one idiot going to N. Korea every day/month/year.

You believe the story about the woman who asked him to bring back the poster? That story had lie written all over it, and instead it was a desperate defense on his part to try to wiggle out of the unbelievable trouble he found himself in.
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