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Old 12-05-2022, 04:32 AM   #46
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all hat, no cattle.....

ok poker fans we are back in atlantic city where the november rain has given way to a cold and windy, albeit sunny day as the calendar flips over to december.

estrella and i take our time waking up but eventually shake off the cobwebs and head down the famous boardwalk towards the tropicana. we like to walk but today it's a depressing walk with only a handful of vacationers greatly outnumbered by the panhandlers, ne'er do wells, and the latest abomination to pollute this poor man's paradise..... the timeshare peddlers.

i think back, and not that far back, to how great this stretch of boardwalk once was. players could hit a brand new poker room at revel (now ocean). showboat had a nice little room right up against the boardwalk. now it's not even a casino. taj mahal was once the king of the east and the site of famous rounders scenes. now it's given way to pokerless hard rock. bally's and caesars both had rooms. they then built a joint "world series of poker" themed room in the wild west section that connects the properties. historic action photos of greats like bobby baldwin, stu ungar, doyle, and others decorated the walls. today estrella and i gaze sadly at a room that is basically gutted and littered with cardboard boxes.

down at tropicana we pass a man wearing a world poker tour hat.

but he's not going to find any action at the trop.

signs tell us that while "boogie nights" disco remains open behind the construction, the poker room remains supposedly to december 9th. there are doubts that it will ever reopen.

heading back up the boardwalk i point out two ne'er do wells as we duck down st james towards the (cash only) irish pub.

"keep an eye on those two when we leave the pub," i caution estrella who calls the gentlemen some kind of spanish seafood.

inside the pub is decorated like a hallmark christmas town and seems a million miles away from the dreariness of the boardwalk...instead of just a couple first downs.

outside the icy winds have blown the ne'er do wells, timeshare peddlers, and most of the panhandlers into isolation.

it's just me, estrella, and the ghosts of the game.

thank you for reading.

game: no game
year : +109 (4-2)
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Old 12-05-2022, 09:17 PM   #47
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Hi proximity!

You should see CT now. About 6 weeks ago the last of 5 new dealers started. The end result is a lot less waiting to get on a table, much less "freezing" of the waiting list in an effort to close down tables, and significantly larger player-funded high hand / promotional opportunities. Not that I ever plan to to get near it, but the poker room is now open to 6 AM (Was 4 AM) on Friday and Saturday nights. I've only had a single $200 High Hand in the past 2 months, but starting in October, and in addition to the the High Hands, they have been offering a rakeback for hours played during the month. For the top 50 players, 50 hours gets you $50, 75 hours gets you $125, and 100 hours gets one $250. I have been crazy enough to reach the 100+ hour plateau in Oct. and Nov., and I am off to a good start for Dec. October I had 127+ hours, which is way too stressing, and probably contrary to achieving one's best results. (The top guy had 170+ hours!).

I have also been on a good run the past 30+ days and I am narrowing the gap between regular poker results and High Hands / promotions. Unless disaster hits, I should finish a small amount on the plus side. It would be great to get the regular poker results (without HH/promotions) back to at least zero, but with about 3 weeks left in the year, the probability of that happening is about zero. My latest success in this area could be having more casual players playing and hoping to hit a High Hand.

BTW, I noticed few newer DeckMate shufflers on some of the tables, and was told they came from the closed Penn National room.

Maybe someday I will see you and your gf estrella at CT, albeit it would be a long drive for you. At least is is good to see you doing some texas holdem these days.
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