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Old 06-21-2018, 10:41 PM   #286
Function Not Form
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There are times when poker hands play themselves & nothing is done incorrectly by either player.

Set over set - in this case quads over quads. Quads vs top full house etc etc

There are hands that people are going to go broke with no matter what. All the talk in the world after the fact is not going to change a thing.
When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice.
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If you are going to play no limit hold 'em, you need to carefully watch each hand. Note not only obvious stuff like whether they bluff rivers (which even fish notice), but also non-obvious stuff:

1. Bet sizing. This is really important. Indeed, this bigger than basically ANY physical tell for most players.

Here are some examples:

a. The guy who bets big when he has it and small when he doesn't.
b. The guy who bets small when he has it and big when he doesn't.
c. The guy who sizes bets to try and produce a river shove when he flops huge and never does it on a bluff.
d. The guy who raises pre-flop small with a small pair or suited connectors and big with a big pocket pair or big cards.
e. The guy who has no idea about pot size and will always call $100 and fold to $175 (or whatever numbers).
f. Blocking bets-- small lead-outs on the river with middling hands to prevent having to call a big bet.

2. How they play big draws. Do they jam with them or call with them?

3. Do they limp re-raise aces and kings? If they do, their pre-flop raising range first into the pot is capped, which is just absolutely amazingly great information.

4. Will they bet their hand without a flush when a flush comes in, or without a straight when a straight comes in.

5. How strong does their hand have to be to fire three barrels?

6. Obviously, what percentage of hands do they voluntarily come into the pot pre-flop with, and what percentage do they raise and 3-bet with.

Now, put your opponent on a range based on all those things you carefully watched the last 3 hours, and do the math and calculate the pot odds, and you will know whether you can fold a strong hand to a big river bet.
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Old 07-15-2018, 05:21 AM   #288
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xxx-rated poker at da shoe......

ok poker fans, following our halloween drubbing in atlantic city, we continue our 2017 season with another invigorating contest at the horseshoe baltimore.

we're in 3/6 limit company and taking yet another pounding as i just cannot escape this run of bad cards.

my neighbor tries to entertain me by putting his phone on the table so we can watch a porn convention in new jersey.

a nice gesture indeed, but one that fails to raise my spirits (or anything else) as i only drag one side pot in nearly four hours of play.

finally i score with A9s in a pot that was larger than it should've been thanks to Q6 off raising from the small blind.

but that's all.

i don't win another hand.

thank you for reading.

game -225
season -2863 (50-61)
bonus 0 (920)
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Old 07-16-2018, 01:39 AM   #289
how cliche
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wsop main event final table. some opinions. welcome everyone's thoughts.

really love watching every hand, rather than a highlight show.
once cada was out it was clear that cynn was the most likely winner, despite his 3/5 chip position and a huge gap from the chip lead. when cada and miles flipped for their tournament lives i was rooting for cada so we could watch the two top shelf players go at it. that said, i felt the last 3 year's final tables lacked true world class quality play. two years in a row you had wire to wire chip leaders. and this year you had the potential for a treat but the wrong player won the flip. since they began offering every hand coverage there are two champions that i feel would win these games almost always. greg merson and martin jacobson.

love the break desk team of ali nejad and nick schulman. schulman is a beast. great at articulating the nuances of the game so everyone can understand. if only he could learn to say versus instead of verse. nobody's perfect.
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bad beat or beaten badly?

ok poker fans we continue our 2017 season in another small stakes limit hold 'em game in a casino that i will keep anonymous.

i end up winning $21 in this game but suffer a bad experience that i always worried would happen.

we're about 2/3 of the way through the session when i fold a small pocket pair to a raise.

had i called here i would've flopped a boat, rivered quads, AND LOST THE HAND to flopped quads.

in this casino, at this particular time, this would've paid me a bad beat jackpot of slightly more than $30,000.

certainly not "life changing" money but enough to keep my spirits up. i always thought i'd go numb if (when) this happened and i was mildly surprised that i didn't feel much of anything. this particular "loss" however when combined with my overall bad run and declining benefits at the casinos would ultimately dampen my enthusiasm for the game.

thank you for reading.

game +21
year -2842 (51-61)
bonus 0 (920)
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