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cj's dad
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Political Favoriyism At Its' Best !

Several days ago, here in Baltimore City, Councilman Robert Stokes was pulled over while driving for multiple violations including failure to signal when making a turn, a tag light out, and going through a stop sign (rolling stop).

The LEO was equipped with a body camera so the entire transaction was on tape and shown on a 4 local TV stations.

This is a general recounting of what went on:

Stokes- I am Councilman Robert Stokes
Officer- Explains why he was stopped, 3 violations.
Stokes- I am a councilman.
Officer- Sir, I smell a strong odor of alcohol on you, have you been drinking?
Stokes- I had one beer.
Officer- Again explains the violations.
stokes- Denies same.
Officer- Sir, you did in fact commit these violations.
Stokes- No sir
Officer- Once again sir, I smell alcohol. How much did you have to drink?
Stokes- One glass of wine.

It is clearly obvious that the esteemed Robert Stokes is under the influence.
He states that he is going to his girlfriends house.
The LEO gives him the opportunity to pull his car over and go to the house or to get a ride home. He does so. He is then given a warning for everything.

The point is that if you or I had this same event happen to us we would have been given a field sobriety test, and upon failing would have been cuffed, jailed for the night and faced fines, legal fees, suspension on our license, a "blow" device for a year, etc...

Political hanky - panky and police misconduct at its' worst.

What a wonderful city this is.
I wouldn't say I drink too much but my mother did tell me that my first words were" when does happy hour start"?
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On the other hand, Joe Sixpack wouldn't be on the all the Baltimore TV stations with a DUI.
"But don't ask me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to. "

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Originally Posted by barahona44 View Post
On the other hand, Joe Sixpack wouldn't be on the all the Baltimore TV stations with a DUI.
Back in 66' when they drafted me and I entered the USArmy, I was quickly taught a new acronym....

It was "RHIP"....Rank has it's Privilege...
"Cursed be the man who puts his trust in man" - Jer 17:5 (KJV)
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Old 03-04-2017, 10:04 AM   #4
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People in office should have far stiffer penalties and no appeals.
Not are they criminal, they violate the trust of the people, and that alone should be a felony with mandatory jail time.
Who does the Racing Form Detective like in this one?
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When I was in college my roommate was a heavy drinker. He was pulled over three times for violations and each time he was drunk. The cops never gave him a drunk driving violation. He did receive tickets for speeding, stop sign violations, etc. The cops did not want to go through the process of dealing with the DWIs, it was easier to write tickets and collect the guaranteed money.
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