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Originally Posted by Hanover1
Details are fuzzy, and I am awaiting a call or 2, but early word has Yonkers Raceway no longer accepting entries from the #1 trainer, Lou Pena, citing the horses are "non competitive". As a private entity, they reserve the right to do so. He has as many wins to date as the following top 4 combined, and publicly admitted he was told to "tone it down" in a recent publication. After a protracted effort to identify any substance abuse, and coming up negative, this is the next move. It comes on top of YR rewriting conditions to exclude certain horses in his charge, but other horsemen where affected as well, and this appears to be the logical move. Many in the industry applaud this move, and are hoping for an industry ban.
I will point out that, as yet, Pena has produced zero positives during his now 2 year tear up the training ranks to the #1 spot. however, many have witnessed way to many aged claimers improve 5+ seconds off lifetime records (usually within 30 days of claim/purchase), something no HOF horseman could ever accomplish with the kind of regularity shown by Pena.
Will update as I can....

I say Good to that....At first, one might say why punish the guy, he wasn't caught doing anything illegal, as far as testing is concerned at least...

But, Pena, and we've had this discussion before, about how he was caught on many occasions and on many levels, especially on the west coast of racing, cheating the players as well as the other horseman he competed against...

It seems silly to base your handicapping on ONE man alone....Is Pena in or out....

In reality, I truly believe that it is costing the racetracks some coin, when it comes to betting races with Pena in.....And that is why YR & Rooney may be doing this....$$$

I have been doing this too long, and, for the most part, I know who the good trainers are, year in and year out.....Nobody is that good, nobody...

Why doesn't he have any really young lightly raced horses ?....Could it be that the owners wouldn't want their horse's ruined so early in their racing careers ?

I say go away, Lou Pena, you are not good for the game....At least on the players side of things....Imo, that is....

"Cursed be the man who puts his trust in man" - Jer 17:5 (KJV)
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