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Thread: Lebron vs MJ
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Originally Posted by Stillriledup
numbers thru 30 years old comparing kobe, mj and lebron.
In that chart you linked to, it shows that Lebron played 13 seasons through age 30, while MJ had only played nine.

As you persumably saw, MJ blows away Lebron in points/game (32.3 compared to 27.3), blocks per game (1.025 vs. 0.79), and steals per game (2.72 vs. 1.69). Not to mention the MVP edge (5 MVPs vs. 4), scoring titles (10 vs. 1), and rings (6 vs. 2).

You could make an argument that Lebron will have a better resume than MJ when it's all said and done, but it's a lot closer than you think, SRU.
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