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Thread: Andy Serling
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Wow--I hope this is like a joke---

here is a busy guy-----goes outta his way---Helps me---gets me some things i asked NYRA for long before---MR Serling gets involved--done---He NEVER asked for nothing--Never braged---I may add--he did not need to do it either--

He is top dog in my book--He doesn't need me to say any of this---I am sure he has helped out many like me ---Its to bad its good guys like him seem to get pssed on----

I dunno I enjoy that show with Blewitt and----The MS fog again-----forget the other guys name-------sht!! anyway----They put together a good informative pre race------Give out good info---- Hey I appreciate it---------And what he does off the show---------the good deeds no one sees and he doesn't Bragg about---
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