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Originally Posted by Dave Schwartz

Would you prefer Barry?

Cancer or AIDS?
What the hell kind of choice do we have?

There is NO ONE with any semblence of intelligence or leadership out there this time around.

I will not support McCain no matter what. Whatever happend thenext 4-8 years, we get what we deserve. We allow the sytem to put forth this ridiculous level of candidates, I no longer have any faith left in the government, the constitution, or the system, or most of all, the people.

I'm staying off airplanes and out of tall buildings. We will be hit again, and 9-11 will be drawfed. I am 100% confident. Only next time, don't expect me to rally 'round the flag and rhetoric. I'm on my own from now on. Drinking the kool aid is for suckers.
Who does the Racing Form Detective like in this one?
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