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Sec, you're worried about rights? The "rights" Bush took from us? You are one sick puppy! You liberals are stealing rights from us left and right. Thanks to liberal judges, landowners no longer have rights over their own property. They must capitulate to some whacko, trumped up environmental concerns that severely limits what landowners can do on their own properties.

Or how about our right to do what we want in our own homes, such as smoke if we want? Some localities have outlawed that!

Or how 'bout Madame Speaker wanting to take away our right to choose our own lighting in our homes? She wants to make those mercury-filled bulbs mandatory by 2014, so that we can make the Chinese even richer!

Liberal judges and politicians are the scourge of this nation because that's exactly what they want to do -- increase the size of government, thereby giving government more rights at the People's expense! It is you liberals who think the Bill of Rights was written to limit the People's rights, remember!?

You are beyond clueless!

Consistent profits can only be made on the basis of analysis that is far from obvious to the majority. - anonymous guru
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