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I honestly find ptruckdriver and Sec's posts bordering on insanity, I truly do.
I think not, look how quickly GWB broke down this country in all facets and quitely took away all our rights in the process, do you even know what he did, do know your rights today are no longer what they use to be, just 10 yrs ago, heck even 2yrs ago either, my god we have lost so much so fast.
All our rights? Are you mad? Which rights are gone? Obviously, not the right to be insane in public.

Last I checked, I have every single right I used to have before Bush took office. I can go anywhere I damn please, any damn time I wish. I can work for anyone I choose as long as they'll have me, or I can NOT work if I choose, stay home, and suck off the teat of the US a lazy ass, so to speak.

I can talk on the phone, I can type anything I damn please on the Internet, I can surf to all ungodly corners of the World Wide Web with no restrictions.

I can choose to drive any type of car I can afford (under Obama, this might change) and I can still choose to light my house with any light bulb I wish (again, who knows under Obama).

So tell me big boy, which rights of mine have been taken away by George W. Bush? Which right was taken away, that was SO important, I plum forgot about it?

Are you going to tell me how now I might be a bit more inconvenienced at the airport while they search me or my things? I haven't flown since 9/11, so this doesn't bother me one bit. Most normal folks only fly a handful of times every year, if that much, so again, this doesn't matter.

Are you going to tell me that Bush can listen to my telephone calls? I have news for you. The NSA has been listening to telephone calls way before Bush ever came to town.

What have I forgotten? Which precious right has been taken away from me? After all, you said ALL rights are now GONE!

INSANE! (or simply BSing)
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