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We Hate Bush/McCain, and We Don't Trust Obama, Then What

Now hate may be, not for me, too strong a word, but we aren't happy with what GWB did for us and what McCain will do, which is the same thing GWB is doing, correct? Of Course

And we can not Trust Osama/Obama or whatever his name is, yet "We the People of the United States Of America" have chosen these 2 People to be our next elected President, Why?

Or have we really chosen these two or were they chosen for us , by the true powers that be, which certainly ain't the People of this country, but may not even be American's???

This country has not been ours for 8yrs now, I mean look to 4yrs ago, we could only find Kerry to oust GWB, heck anyone else would have easily won, I mean anyone else but Kerry, even me, or you. But powers that be put up Kerry for the Job.

When will the People of this country say enough is enough and stand up again, will it ever happen, I think not, look how quickly GWB broke down this country in all facets and quitely took away all our rights in the process, do you even know what he did, do know your rights today are no longer what they use to be, just 10 yrs ago, heck even 2yrs ago either, my god we have lost so much so fast.

Still this the USof A and we can still stand up and Say Enough, we could but we won't, even if we tried , we'd be put down becuase we had those right taken from us, due to Homeland Security reasons, yep, check it out.

If we hate things so much WHY DON"T WE CHANGE THINGS, WHY???? Because we can't, we don't run things anymore, the elite power brokers do, and do so right out in the open, for all to see.

Example , look at Haliburton, many many more Companies like them Exxon, GE, and even foreign Companies too BP, and Dubai World Group, heck they own America not us.

Stand up and do what, it is too late, now we just live with it.

Too much coffee tonight, enough for now.
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