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Thread: MOnmouth park
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Great! another BENNY on the Jersey Shore...

haha just kidding. We don't mind the hard working folk coming down. and a fellow 'capper? no problem. It's the cheap rich ones that come down on wknds to their beach houses and drive like a**holes and leave garbage everywhere. (they typically drive BMWs, have a million bratty kids and don't tip their waitresses) Those are the ones we don't like... You'll see what i mean.

Monmouth is the greatest race track on the east coast. Its too bad most of the higher ups have their heads up each others a**es and don't know how to sell it well enough to let it take off... but its not a surprise cuz everything wrong with this state is because of its politics.

Anyway, John is absolutely right. This track is lightning this year. Almost every record has a new time since the meet began in May... and some of these records stood since the late 80's. IMPO, I don't like to play the rail, it seems to be the slowest. Local trainers do well at this track (Kelly Breen, Ben Perkins, Tony Wilson, Tim Hills) but when Frankel, Mott, Dutrow, Pletcher, or any of the big boys come in they usually steal it, and you can sometimes get good prices on them... (i stress sometimes). Bravo is the big fish in the little pond here, rides all the favs. I like to play Castro or Chris DeCarlo, sometimes CC Lopez.

Cool places to go before or after: Breakfast- Either head down toward the beach and go to Pier Village where theres really nice restaurants right on the beach (rte 36 E all the way down), or if you want to hang with track people you could go to Miller's on Broadway (shabby little place). For dinner- Go back to Pier Village, Zachary's, or the Sitting Duck (the latter are tracker hang outs). Bars- West End, Long Branch; Pier Village; Red Bank; Sea Bright. ( I can elaborate more if interested).

Have fun! If you lose to much got to the beach... little secret: At the West End beach there are the hottest girls and if you walk onto the beach with a fishing pole, you don't pay admission.

Good Luck!
"The capacity to enjoy: so few people have it. Most citizens live lives of such routine and drudgery and are so concerned abut security that they cannot imagine how delicious uncertainty is. A gambler may have as many periods of frustration as he does exhilaration, but at least he knows he's alive." - Andrew Beyer
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