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Originally Posted by andymays
If you listen to the interview and then read the attachment you will begin to see how dishonest the leadership of the TOC really is.
That is an excellent fact checking piece. I expected spin, and lot's of it. I've seen fudging of numbers before, cherry picking data to fit their spin, etc. But, I never expected out and out lies.

Raffetto calling an almost 200 Million drop in handle a "key blogger issue" is unbelievable, especially considering the things he said during the DelMar meet about wanting to work with the players.

That he would say that most people have never heard of the members of the new group is both naive as well as out of touch. As if the most important thing when it comes to picking an organization to represent owners is how well known they are.

I encourage everyone who has doubts, CA owners included, to read that PDF. It's long, but it leaves no question that Raffetto and the TOC are lying and are willing to do anything to remain in power.
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