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Originally Posted by Stillriledup
They just do whatever they want, if they want to take down your video they will and give you no reasons.
YouTube was created by 3 former Paypal workers, and is now a subsidiary of Google. Their idea was to display USER-GENERATED content. (That's home movies, basically)

Media corporations like CBS or BBC offer some of their material as part of the YouTube partnership program, but the uploading of copyrighted material is expressly prohibited by YouTube in their TOS. (ex. uploads of television shows) YouTube has been criticized for not making sure that videos respect copyright laws, and as a result have huge exposure to lawsuits by big outfits like viacom, etc. and face tremendous disputes of this nature every day.

It is quite possible, since YOUTube does not view the videos, that yours was deleted by the copyright holder, which issued a take-down notice to YouTube.

They can do whatever they want, they are under huge legal pressures every day, and their estimated bandwidth costs exceed $1 million PER DAY, which is only a small part of their operating costs (i.e., legal teams LOL).

(whoever said streaming videos is relatively depends on how many you have collected, and how many viewers look at them daily. It can get VERY PRICEY for bandwidth costs...not sure HANA is prepared for that)

So, since neither partymanners or mende have copyright of these race videos, neither can issue a "take down notice". IF partymanners or a group of racing fans wanted to push the issue, there would be no leg to stand on, since it is more of "there but for the grace of god go I" situation on YouTube.......the copyright holder(s) of these racing videos can, at any time, issue a take-down notice, esp. if there is no agreement between menda, partymanners, and the legal owners of these.

So I wouldn't fight too loudly about this stuff.

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