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Originally Posted by KirisClown
Unfortunately I'm back with an update..

Mende contacted me today with a threatening/intimidating email stating he is going to shut the channel down again unless I meet a slew of silly demands he has....

So.. if it comes up suspended soon, you'll know why and who is responsible.

Just one of them..

"Commercial use of any race-related videos contributed by me, or commercial spin-off venture in any form, would require permission from the video's original owner (Jeff Mende)"
It's time to do something about this. If we organize ourselves, we can crowd-source the archiving of Partymanners/KirisClown's YouTube racing channel. We cannot risk losing this archive. Here is my solution:

Using the YouTube APIs, I wrote some code to create a spreadsheet with the name and link to every video uploaded by 'partymanners' - over 2000 of them. The spreadsheet is publicly accessible to view and edit (max 200 viewing at same time, max 10 editing at same time) here:
This is what it looks like:

The X in the "Downloaded?" column means someone has downloaded a copy of that race video to their local hard drive (In this case it's me). The "% Complete" cell will automatically keep track of how far along are we.

Right now we are only concerned with having a digital copy of the YouTube videos on partymanners' channel, so the focus is on many of us downloading as many of the videos we can and we will later organize the collection of videos downloaded those involved to upload to a new service and create a historical racing video archive for all to enjoy.

To help, follow these 6 simple steps:

1. Go to the spreadsheet and pick a line in the sheet that hasn't yet got an "X", then click on the cell for the URL (the website address) for that video - a little blue box will appear on the left, and when clicked, will take you to the YouTube video itself - and copy the URL contents of that cell.

in this example, I'm going to download Ghostzappers' 2003 Belmont Allowance race

2. Go to and, in the URL textbox, enter the URL you copied above, and then press the Download button

3. It will take the web service a few seconds to process the video, but you will be presented with a number of links to download the video from - I would recommended those on high-speed broadband connections (i.e. the majority of people) to download the MP4 High-Quality version. If your network speeds are quite slow, choose the low quality version and make a note of that.
Right-click on your chosen link, and click "Save Link As..." or similar

4. Save the video with a name associated with that race and YouTube link. For instance, I saved this video as "hpmrXF1uOUg Ghostzapper2003Alw.mp4" so I know exactly which video this refers to. Sometimes the YouTube ID format is not compatible with file names allowed by your operating system, so just pick a name that matches up somehow to the spreadsheet. This is important, as when we later collate our downloaded videos, we need to know which is which.

5. Mark an "X" in the "Downloaded?" column of the row of the video you have just downloaded. The "% Complete" value will auto-update.

If someone has already downloaded a video you would really like to also download, please consider first downloading a video that has yet to be marked as downloaded. If you download a video that someone has already marked as downloaded, place another X in that column so that we know we should have multiple sources for that video.

6. Finally, and most importantly, after you have downloaded your videos for that day/session etc., email me at with the details of the videos you have downloaded (IDs, race names, or row numbers) so I can match up your email address with the videos at a later date.

We will get around to organizing a server to upload these archived videos at a later date.

Please, please help me in saving KirisClown/Partymanners' wonderful collection, and try to contribute as much resources and time as you can. The sooner we get this done, the less chance we lose this archive to pettiness. Spread the word by email, Twitter, Facebook, whatever, to your racing buddies so they can help out too.

Me on Twitter

Thank you
Watch great horse racing videos at You should also follow @thorobase on Twitter and become a fan.
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