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FYI...I posted this on Jan. 8...more than a month ago

Can you name the four U.S. jockeys who are doing the following:

1) Ridden more the 1,000 mounts in the last three years.

2) Have a solid winning percentage of 15% or more.

3) The average odds of all of their 1,000 + mounts go off at 10/1 or higher, so they are not getting the cream of the crop.

4) Are showing a flat-bet profit betting even with this large sample size.

I'll come back in a day or two with my answers, but there are probably so many sharpies on this board it won't be necessary.
Here's to fast horses & big mutuels,

Bob Selvin &

JOEL ROSARIO.....equally effective in sprints, routes, turf. Has 45% ITM percentage...very strong considering his mounts go off at average odds of 16/1. Great use underneath in the exactas and tris. Shows 6% flat-bet profit with all mounts.

MIGUEL PEREZ.....has considerably better stats on dirt (sprints /routes) than on turf. Doesn't ride that many on turf (only 97 turf mounts in last three years) and wins only 9% on turf. Whopping 20% flat-bet profit with all mounts, but most of that primarily in sprint races. Good 44% ITM percentage considering horses he rides go off at average odds of 14/1. Another to consider using in exactas and trifectas.

KERWIN CLARK.....solid with sprints but slightly better with routers. Rarely rides any turf horses (19 turf mounts, 1 win in last three years). Shows a fat 21% flat-bet profit with all mounts. In the money with 41% at average odds per mount of 11/1, lower than Rosario or Perez.

HUBER VILLA-GOMEZ.....very underrated rider. Rides far and away more horses that the other three (double the number of Clark and Perez), yet to his real credit still shows a 5% profit with all mounts with no handicapping whatsoever. A comparison would be how tough it is for a baseball players to hit for high average with 500 at bats compared to another player with only 250. Equally effective in sprints, routes and turf and maintains a 41% ITM percentage at average odds of 12/1 per mount.



Perez Miguel A. 1645 14-1 278 17% 6-1 44% .

Rosario Joel 1259 16-1 184 15% 6-1 45%

Clark Kerwin D. 1370 11-1 233 17% 6-1 41% .

Villa-Gomez Huber 2610 12-1 385 15% 6-1 41% .

AOPS= Average Odds Per Mount AOPW = Average Odds Per Winner
Here's to fast horses & big mutuels,

Bob Selvin
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