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Originally Posted by ultracapper View Post
I just started looking at mining stocks seriously in the past 4 or 5 years. I love precious metals, and have always had some physical holdings. But I've really taken to the mining stocks as an alternative.

I've never done real well with food stocks, and I don't know why. Maybe a patience thing. Do you find that you have to be real patient with those? I'm not against being patient, but every time I get into them, I'm always looking around and thinking I'm seeing something better somewhere else.
you already are in the top sector with Tesla. that company may wind up bigger than Amazon some day. i messed it. i bought into MP when it was a special purpose acquisition company (FVAC). i got it under 12 and rode it up and sold enough to get my money out of it and pay the short term capital gains tax, and just ride the rest. CALM has not been like taking a slow boat to china. i am thinking that protein is the way to go now with a big push against carbs due to the problems that overeating them does to a human body. the downside of this would be a major decrease in population. this is one of the reasons why i have been charting and following the corona numbers. i don't see a major loss in population due to the corona. i am thinking there are going to be more eggs eaten and prices to go way up.. i just bought an 18 pack of eggs today for $1.39 in a supermarket. at times when eggs are in short supply that same package can fetch $2,89. i am thinking at some point .25 per egg would be no big deal. throw in some inflation and some higher demand and this stock could double in a year with very little downside risk. in our country the birth rate is 1.74 births per woman. we are losing population due to that number.. the reason for the decline is that most women had to leave the house to work and had to leave their kids in daycare. with the virus there are more women that stay home to work and they can watch over their kids at home. i am thinking the government will come up with some type of incentive for women to have more kids, with that and the stay at home mother, that should add to the demand for eggs. with a woman staying at home they also have the time to cook eggs as well. everything looks like demand for eggs is going to pick up.

as far as the mining stocks, for the past 20 years they have been going up and down constantly without sustaining a solid trend. most of them have plenty of hurdles to jump still, like environmental and political risks. when the profit margins go up, many countries are going to tax the gold coming out of their ground at higher rates. it won't happen to bad in North America and Australia. Canada and Aus. are very mining friendly places. most parts of Africa, Asia, and South America are not. Mexico, if yo can trust them, are promising no new taxes for about the next decade. on the mining stocks i am trying to only play the ones that Fidelity or Wellington are in already.. they have always been great at this sector.
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