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Originally Posted by Bustin Stones View Post
I think you meant interpolate.
I agree with Tom here.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
If a rule is too rigid or doesn't make sense you don't circumvent the rule.
And why was it such a problem to schedule an additional workout to qualify this horse? Was there a fear that the horse would not qualify again? What important motive was there to not simply report the facts and instead tamper with one's integrity?
Racing rules can be vague. Many lend themselves to different interpretations. I could expound on this all day-and give examples.

Again, I have worked for 32 years as a racing official, have experience at virtually every job, and have trained and supervised hundreds of fellow officials. In particular, one of my duties has long been to toss out or accept entries based on lots of qualifications and factors. By the thousands. Heck, hundreds of thousands.

So my best perspective here, the thing I can contribute, is a first-hand account of how these things usually get handled behind the scenes. I will let you address the philosophical part.

Btw, in your second to last sentence, I think the wording you want is: "would again fail to qualify."

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