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Originally Posted by Unified_Theory View Post
Having read many of your pointlessly negative ego driven posts from the past, I'm not surprised by your completely unwarranted judgement.

Rest assured that the way I lead my life does not require your approval.

Your critique of me is especially bizarre considering you've owned the extremely well reviewed JCapper for SEVEN years and have nothing but bad things to say about JCapper in your pm to me.

And more importantly you've stated in the same pm that you've owned the extremely well reviewed Horse Street Handicapper for seven months and you can't show a profit yet, but instead of focusing on the steep learning curve of HSH to make yourself into the expert you think you already still have plenty of time for lessor programs and nonsensical judgements of rookies who are just finding their way! Really? Wow!

But I refuse to further engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

Have a nice day.
This is what you get when you try to help someone with problems....
I fully offered all my help to him on trying to fix a Handifast issue...
I never said bad things on JCapper...just it was nothing special for me
As for HSH or any other highly commercial software....theres a steep learning curve that doesnt take a few days or a few months ..

This is all after I ignored to sell Alldata Black Box to him as he is now trying with Equisim...

Instead of going after the small stuff ...try one of the big boys and keep yourself busy for a few months or years...maybe you can do better than me
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