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Originally Posted by Inner Dirt View Post
Abortion is one of those issues where I agree with Democrats. I am not religious so I don't have those type beliefs influencing my decision. I cannot fathom how forcing a women to give birth to an unwanted baby can have good results. Pregnant women who want the children can be quite irrational because of the changes they go through. Do you really want to force drug users to carry children to term?
Right. I for the record and pro life concerning me. And I am a great example because I had children very early in life. I was 17 and 19 when my kids were born and there was never a thought to do anything other and my children are great. Have not conceived a child since. Most of these decisions are made by people who live in Ginger Bread Land where everything is cut and dried and decisions perfectly laid out. There is a scary and hostile drug infested, psychotic world out there with many young girls not wanting to bring a child into that world. And by the same token there are many well to do individuals who don't want their 15 year old daughter to have a child and smear their golden appearance. Those people will get the best hidden medical care to preserve their image. Because a person is poor they are condemned for their "Stupidity" and have to either live in shame or have a child they are not equipped for to raise. It happens. It is reality. It is not right. I am pro life for me. But pro choice for somebody else.
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