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Originally Posted by cj View Post
If you haven't figured it out yet, you are missing that the delta doesn't help you compare different races on the same card as well as total distance traveled does. In isolation, it doesn't matter which you use for a single race. For a group of races, the total distance traveled for each horse is very useful. The delta doesn't help much. Make sense?
It doesn't.

The delta is just a calculation from TRAKUS that is based on total distance traveled. The calculation is trivial. It's merely a comparison of the distance covered by the winner and each of the other horses in the race. I'm hard pressed to understand why this couldn't also be done for a group of races.

Let's do one:


Race 2 2000m on the dirt. Distance covered by the winner: 2035 meters

Rac 9 DWC 2000m on the dirt. Distance covered by the winner: 2039 meters.

DELTA race 1 to race 9:

Let's do the math:

2035 - 2039 = - 4 meters

Make sense?

p.s. in a thread where the point being advanced by the majority is that Arrogate not only was compromised by the bad start but had an extremely wide trip, one would think that a comparison of his total distance covered to that of the others in the race, in other worlds DELTA for the race in question, would be the way to advance the argument.
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