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Originally Posted by johnhannibalsmith View Post
I guess everything got moved to the other forum, then deleted rather than moved back over here so to pick up where I left off - I think that you should consider dropping the four race daily minimum and go strictly with a cumulative 80 (or whatever) total plays.

Re-reading your post here, I'm thinking I may have originally misinterpreted how you are dealing with scratches affecting your four race minimum. Though it never says that four picks are counted even if the selection(s) scratches, it sort of implies it in the clause about "if you pick four scratched horses".

If that's the case then it is moot to the degree that you won't lose a day, but conceivably someone could select a horse that they know will be scratched to simply circumvent your minimum. So, I still think you just need the total minimum even if scratches don't count against your total races for meeting the minimum four.
Like I said, I am totally new at this, so if anyone has any recommendations, I encourage them!

Sounds like a better idea JHS. You are right! 80 minimum it is. No more 4 a day rule.
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