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Originally Posted by mountainman View Post
You might get more response to (yet another) "favorite announcer?" thread. With the noted exception of that poor guy now retired from Tampa, they seem much more popular than analysts.

For one thing, horseplayers don't see announcers as competition in the handicapping arena. For another, many handicappers consider THEMSELVES the final authority on assessing horse races. And, of course, being presented on tv as an "expert" goes a loooong way towards engendering resentment and skepticism. Especially from such a cynical lot as horseplayers. And then there is the unfortunate truth that a good analyst must, from time to time, knock things, whereas an announcer can keep it pure Pollyanna. And this also widens the popularity gap in some (owners!!!!! trainers!!!! jocks!!!! It is RIDICULOUSLY easy for announcers to cultivate popularity with these groups.) circles.

Race callers, however, exhibiting a practiced skill that handicappers are not trained at, have things teed up for more favorable reviews-in proportion, of course, to their respective talents. No matter that many callers have worked for decades at developing their craft-lots of players still hold them in awe, adhering to the (completely inapplicable) "hey, I couldn't do THAT !" line of reasoning. Conversely, tons of handicappers watch televised analysis and firmly believe they could do it better.

The bottom line? Praise and respect for thoroughbred announcers costs handicappers zero. It can simply be plucked from the ether. But props to an analyst sometimes must be extracted from the player's own ego.
I do a 60 minute handicapping show every racing day. Then switch to the announcers booth. Where does that place me?
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