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Thread: Trayvon Martin
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Originally Posted by Robert Fischer
Maybe I'm wrong, but from what I've read the ONLY thing that matters here is Zimmerman's story of self-defense holding up.

As long as the prosecution can not PROVE that Zimmerman was not at an actual physical risk of severe injury or death then Zimmerman should face NO legal repercussions.

things that don't matter:
  • what zimmerman thought or felt
  • what zimmerman said on the 911 call
  • whether zimmerman racially profiled martin
  • zimmerman's past
  • martin's past
  • ANY other racially motivated event in the history of the world
  • anything else
The ONLY thing that should matter is Zimmerman's story and the self-defense law.
Gross exaggeration. For example, whatever Zimm "thought or felt" prompted him to act. And the 911 call is a very important piece of evidence -- that seems to go in Zimm's favor, incidentally. But you are right in that if we were to distill this case down to the lowest common denominator, the entire case swings on two hinges: Who initiated the physical assault and was deadly force necessary. Since there are, apparently, no eyewitnesses who can address either of these two issues, the State has a very tough road to hoe. (And we've already have seen how tough with the state's pathetically weak Probable Cause Affidavit, which the prosecutor submitted to the court.) It'll essentially be the state's forensic and circumstantial evidence and hypotheses against the word of the last man standing and the defense's forensic and circumstantial evidence, as well.

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