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Originally Posted by MDCnorthlands View Post
I doubt a single person here is making any money handicapping and betting into a pool with 20% takeout. I have been betting sports successfully for decades without knowing anything about sports, and it's the same story over there. Coach Potato Joe watches football every week and thinks he knows something millions don't. There is always an angle or a system. It's sad.

Open a handicapping thread here and it's the same if not worse. "The 5 horse is fast", "I expect to see 9 go for it in the post", blah blah. Just because you're sharing your vision with your selection doesn't give it any more weight.

But let me guess, you are all professionals... with 9-5 jobs.

Listen pal I haven't had a 9 to 5 job for over 15 years. I rely solely on my playing abilities for all that extra cash that provides many of the things that I enjoy purchasing.

If you had a clue on how to play this game you'd realize that no matter what the takeout might be, the odds you see are the odds you get! The take out occurs BEFORE the odds are posted.

As far as sharing selections go, I can only presume you haven't spent much time exploring the Selection Forum. There are quite a few members here who have proven themselves to provide some very worthwhile information. The "weight" of their opinions becomes very obvious when you can appreciate the magnitude of the results of their posted selections.
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