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Year 2021 is in the books, and fortunately it was another successful one for me.

Was it good enough to earn a year's worth of wages? NO
Was it good enough to earn a significant part-time income vs. working somewhere else for the same number of hours put in? NO
Was it something that I enjoyed the hours I participated in? YES

What it (and other years to date have done) is allow me to build up a sufficient bankroll to likely play 1/2 NL and 1/3 NL for virtually the rest of my life without dipping into my pocket to purchase chips, to cover expenses incurred for gas, and even a small meal at the casino. This of course assumes that my skill level does not regress to any significant degree going forward, including patience and discipline, and learning to adapt to future player-pool tendencies as needed.

My game is still relatively conservative, but I have implemented a few more bluffs to my advantage because of my solid/tight reputation. One thing that I want to work on more in 2022 is to significantly increase my number of 3-bets pre-flop, with a significant number of those coming from hands other than pocket Aces and pocket kings. This will definitely take me out of my comfort zone and put much more variance in my game, but profits should increase overall if I choose the right opponents and situations. Time will tell whether this becomes an improvement to my game, or whether I fail at it and need to revert back to my current conservative, but low profit style.

One aside for anyone wanting to approach and make Texas Holdem a profitable activity. You are going to be unpleasantly shocked when you find out how much of your profit is eaten away by the necessary/expected cost of dealer tips when playing 1/2 and 1/3 NL.
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