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(day 2) seeing red???.....

ok poker fans, we are back in exciting atlantic city for day number two of our gambling adventure!!

after a great night of sleep in our centurion tower room at caesars, i fling open the curtains to be greeted by a view that is damn near the polar opposite of the lion's suite over at club wyndham skyline tower.

concrete. lots and lots of concrete.

oh well, we're not in atlantic city to look out windows.... we're here to gamble!!

so i get some coffee in estrella and we begin walking down the boardwalk to tropicana for our season opener!

i kickoff the campaign in a 1/2 no limit contest but our good friend and penn national ace, the lion, is nowhere to be found??

i fall behind early but am playing very well off the layoff and soon rally ahead with a set of 4s.

and then i hear the lion make his entrance!

in rounders terms this guy has the personality of worm and the game of mikey. and imo it's this combination that makes him so damn tough at the tables!

back at my table AK sees a T 6 2 flop. i c-bet, get raised, call, and turn A giving me top pair and the nut flush draw.
i check here, but later discuss this play with the lion who has a reputation as a big turn bettor. the villain checks back and sensing he's drawing for a flush i pray for a nice red heart.

we don't get it and he folds to my river bet.

across the room, the lion is struggling.

he loses twice with AA... once after flopping a set... and also loses with a set of 4s. he drops $100 in a game where most players would've dumped much more and we round up the girls and head back up the boardwalk to talk about the game over supper at the soon to be shuttered harry's oyster bar, under the cj's dad tower in bally's.

against the advice of his wife, the lion orders a medium rare steak and is quite agitated when it comes back medium medium.

his home poker room taking their good ol' time reopening, a horrible run of luck at tropicana, and now an overcooked steak?

when's the lion going to get a break?

game: +71 (1/2 nl)
year : +71 (1-0)

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