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I have been playing like a maniac lately. No, not from the playing style, but from the volume standpoint. Crazy me, but except for a 1-week vacation to visit my favorite race meet in Prineville (Oregon), I have been consistently been getting in 40+ hours per week.

I went thru a "cooler" streak over 6 weeks where very little went right and I dropped about $2400. This was followed by a big time "heater" streak where over the past 6 weeks I have experienced 17 out of 20 winning sessions with a +$4500 result. Sprinkle in a few winning High Hand promotions and Hot Seat table drawings (worth another $1500) and poker life is pretty good right now.

My confidence level is high but guarded, knowing the next "cooler" streak could be just around the corner.

In today's playing session:
--- Raised pre-flop with KK, flopped another K, but lost when my opponent turned a straight.
--- Had an all-in with AQs after the flop which yielded an A. My opponent had AT and rivered a T.
--- Had my AK flop KKJ, but lost to my opponent who had KJ
--- Had 2 other hands with pocket pairs that flopped trips, but lost to turned/rivered straights.

Given the above mentioned hands, I was very happy only to lose $161.

No complaining here as the above hands are just a part of the game, and we tend to forget the times where we are behind and catch up.
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