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NONE of you has done the amount of independent research I have done into possible connections between significant people in the democrat party and pedophiles.

The mainstream media has not reported on the issue in an unbiased or comprehensive way. The media found aspects of the pizzagate story that were clearly false or extremely unlikely and shot those down. It then used the false parts to shoot down the entire story even though there is some legitimate evidence and some that remains unexplained or ignored. I did enough independent research to be able to shoot down one piece of wikileaks evidence that no one else explained by finding a reference to it in the Washington Post from many years ago that explained what it meant.

Just for starters, Jeffry Epstein is a convicted pedophile and had a close relationship with the Clintons and others in Hollywood.

Laura Silsby was trafficking kids out of Haiti and Bill and Hillary Clinton intervened to help her.

There is Anthony Weiner and Bob Menendez.

There's a wikileaks email that suggests under-aged children were brought to a party for "entertainment" and evidence the supplier was a whack job woman with a suspicious web site that has since gone private.

There's a verified statement by law enforcement that "cheese pizza" is in fact used by pedophiles as code for child porn.

That's not even getting into some of the more speculative stuff related to comments by Andrew Breitbart and his Acorn work, that there were legitimate instagram photos that suggest "unhealthy" sexual interests, a video that suggested tolerance of such behavior, or other unexplained wikileaks emails that suggest a non literal interpretation.

If you want to know the truth, just ignore the media and go to primary sources. Some of the overall story is false. Some is speculation and likely to be wrong or a misunderstanding. But some of it is 100% accurate and verifiable.

In my opinion, it is extremely likely that members of the democrat party knowingly have political and/or personal relationships with people that are pedophiles. They must simply look the other way - most likely because these people contribute a lot of money to the party or because some of them consider it just another lifestyle choice that should be normalized and with nothing immoral about it.
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