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Originally Posted by Track Collector View Post
I have been a JCapper user for something like 10 years now, and am relatively satisfied. I suspect any of the shortcomings are on MY ability to use the TOOL.

On a topic mentioned earlier in this thread, the subject of back data was mentioned. I can certainly understand why one might want to purchase this to see how certain factors performed and whether their ROI values improved or deteriorated over time, prior to moving forward with specific software.

It was mentioned that at that time, back data for 6 months or more could be purchased for a 10% discount. IMO the magnitude of this discount, particularly if it involved something like a minimum of 2 years of back data, should be MUCH greater. This might sound draconian, but perhaps something like 50% would be more appropriate and fair, and equally important, might encourage more folks to purchase back data. One might say that previous clients paid FULL price, so why should others be allowed to purchase the very same data for something like only 10% less? On the surface this sounds very reasonable, but it significantly underestimates the one huge benefit of those who paid FULL price, and that is that they could USE IT IN REAL TIME to make wagers in which they could potentially profit from. Back data can point one in the right direction going forward, but one still has to purchase data at full price in order to place future wagers.
This reminds me of handicapping's "dark ages"...when we all had to handicap off the printed Daily Racing Form. Since this was before the wide popularity of the home computer, we had to purchase old copies of the DRF in order to do a more thorough research of the game. And the DRF would take advantage of our studious nature by charging us full price for the old and discarded copies of their product. We would pay the same price for a year-old Racing Form as we would for the next day's copy. I remember those days, and I cringe in embarrassment.

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