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Originally Posted by thespaah View Post
Not quite understanding your complaint.
WHat would you have NYRA do in this situation? Have the Racing Secretary write two condition books? One for rainy weather and one for dry weather?
Lets not be ridiculous here.
Bad weather is part of horse racing.
Now, please don't come back with "every summer Saratoga cards get decimated by bad weather"...That is neither true nor accurate.
This meeting has had more rainy days than usual. It is what it is.
BTW, 2019 had an inordinate number of sunny or dry days. Saratoga lost very few turf races in 2019.
This is so accurate and a great post. Iíve lived and gone to the track here for the better part of 50 years. The weather is up and down. Some summers are extremely dry, some are wet. This summer was one of the wettest ever. July actually rained more days than August. Whatís even worse in a month summer will be over . Shortly after itís time to brace for 5 months of BS. So, I gotta hit the track rain or shine before itís over. Itís part of the game. Theyíre not playing freaking Rummy out there.

As for the forecast, you canít count on that crap until it actually happens. The so called hurricane HenriÖÖ we got maybe a quarter inch of rain so far. What a joke this has been . It may rain a little more this afternoon but that forecast was a joke. Plus, first concert at SPAC for me in two years . King Crimson tonight! The summer is a big reason I live up hereÖ.. the last two have been pandemic and rain .
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