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Originally Posted by thespaah View Post
Not quite understanding your complaint.
WHat would you have NYRA do in this situation? Have the Racing Secretary write two condition books? One for rainy weather and one for dry weather?
Lets not be ridiculous here.
Bad weather is part of horse racing.
Now, please don't come back with "every summer Saratoga cards get decimated by bad weather"...That is neither true nor accurate.
This meeting has had more rainy days than usual. It is what it is.
BTW, 2019 had an inordinate number of sunny or dry days. Saratoga lost very few turf races in 2019.
Thanks for asking. What would I have NYRA do in this situation? Well I know they tried some things in the past with incentives to keep from scratching with off tracks. It seemed successful as it rolled from Saratoga to Belmont but then we heard nothing about it. The major point here is that whenever a horse scratches the track loses thousands of dollars in revenue. Now of course there are justifiable reasons horses scratch but simply because a track gets wet should be preventable. Maybe they can have make up cards for any races taken off turf but of course no guarantee those days stay dry either. I just feel that since a lot of profit is lost when races are taken off the turf there is no sense of urgency for any type of solution. BTW the wet weather at TOGA was mostly before the meet started. I donít seem to remember many rainy days this meet so far. I am very interested in getting the attendance figures because they started off very strong but word from the inside is that they are slightly down from 2019. If that ends up being the case then that is still a win for Toga because they have been running with 20% less employees then 2019.
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