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Originally Posted by Overkill View Post
if you don't mind, I still am not clear. Thanks so much for your patience.
You will never see a diminished return playing HK racing for the Quinella or Trifecta pools, no matter how much you bet. Why? The pools are too massive every race day.

A) We shall use this race result link below as the example.

The finish order was 5,8,12 and the $10 Quinella paid $1,244.50 = $2,489 for a $20 play. The Trifecta paid $109,323 for a $10 bet. You still wouldn't see a big reduction of the Tri payout if you played it ten times. But the variation would be a matter of a few thousand bucks at best on the Trifecta, but that is due to huge longshots running 2nd and 3rd in the example given and the pool probably exceed (HK$) tens of millions.

B) The USA minimum is $1.30 for any wager

C) Correct

D) Certain ADW platforms do in fact let you play a thirteen cent bet (.13) and on our example from the link posted, the HK $ payout would have been $10,932.30 on the 5,8,12 combo. In wide open races, perhaps the smaller bet could cover a lot more runners looking for those random longshots.

E) Every wager at Sha Tin & Happy Valley is $10HK, no exceptions, for the pools offer to us.

F) With a full field of 12 - 14 horses I don't think you would take a stab at a $100 HK straight superfecta, but more importantly, I do not know of any ADW that allows superfecta wagering at this time. HK has extensive pools offered over there and we are missing out playing the biggest ones they offer.

G & H) Using your example, the Quinella bet was $2,000 HK divided by $10HK = 200 tickets and the payoff was $200 on the $10HK bet = $40,000 HK payout

The Trifecta bet was $1,000 HK divided by $10HK = 100 tickets and the payoff you gave was $1,000 per $10HK bet = $100,000 HK payout

Trifecta would pay $100,000 based on your example. (you had the Tri 10 times. $10 x 10 bets)

Remember the example given must reflect a $10HK payout and then we can breakdown the what if this and that scenario in a format that makes things much easier.

I) As you know that isn't possible, but let us use the Trifecta pool, due to the more combinations it takes to hit it. Assume there was $25 million HK in the Trifecta pool and the takeout is in fact 25%, so that means $20 million HK to payout from the Trifecta pool is up for grabs to the wagering public. If you are the only ticket with the winning combo and you could have played it at $1,000 HK, you still would receive the whole pool.

J) So in this case a $10HK vs $1,000HK bet - tickets works the same way in the I) example, but if others win with you, then yes your return would decrease. If two tickets at $10HK hit it, as in you and Jane Doe, then the return would pay $10 million HK which = the $20 million HK$ pool.

If you played it at $1,000HK and Jane Doe at $10HK then the payout would be $198,019 for every $10HK and that's because there are 101 winning combinations with the correct combination. You hold 100 of them and Jane is holding one, resulting in you getting back over $19 million HK$

K) It would only fail if you had the ONLY correct combo, no matter what size the bet, as pointed out in example I) & J)

L) Yes

M) Correct. But again, the pool size is so huge that a big bet will not make a dent in the pools, how much you have to split, that sort of thing.

Their ontrack program for 4/29 has some info you might like to read on regarding pools, which most we can not partake in.
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