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Thank you, Mason and Tom, and to clarify:

A) Aside from U.S. tracks offering the $.10 Superfectas, many US tracks have the minimum straight Superfecta wager costing $1.00 (U.S.). Hong Kong 's equivalent to this is the (about) $1.30 US (10 Hong Kong dollars) straight Superfecta wager. Is this correct?

And, just to clarify, let's say I bet 10 Hong Kong dollars on the 2-4-10-7 straight Superfecta in Race 6, and I win and it pays 100,000 Hong Kong dollars. Then I would collect 100,000 Hong Kong dollars. But if instead of wagering 10 Hong Kong dollars I wagered 100 Hong Kong dollars, I would then collect 1,000,000 Hong Kong dollars if the 2-4-10-7 straight Superfecta hit?

B) But I thought the (capped?) Superfecta pool is divided by the number of winning straight Superfecta tickets? So in the case of me owning 10 winning tickets vs. just 1 winning ticket, don't I need to share the payout for those 10 winning tickets with the other Superfecta winners in the pool, thereby reducing the payout for each 1 winning ticket?

C) Mason, you indicated something about "correct weight" regarding official results. Was that a typo? Did you mean to say that when the results indicate "Winning Odds," that means that the results are official?

If "Dividends" lists the unofficial payouts, how do I find out what the official payout is for something like a Trifecta or Superfecta (for which there are no odds, meaning that I cannot calculate the payout as I can, say, for a "Win" wager)?

And, if I am generating a model or algorithym and want to know what a horse's final odds were PRIOR to the start of a race 3 months ago, can I use "Winning Odds" on the Results page, or is "Winning Odds" not the same as the odds just prior to the start of the race.

D) Finally, is the base or minimum Win wager cost in Hong Kong dollars 10 Hong Kong dollars, or 20 Hong Kong dollars?
What about the minimum Show wager cost?
Minimum Quinela wager cost?
Minimum Trifecta wager cost?

If possible, could you please use the following format when replying:

A) Xxxxxxxxxx.....

B) Xxxxxxxxxx.....

C) Xxxxxxxxxx....

D) Xxxxxxxxxx....

Thank you in advance!!

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