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NONE, not a one in the staff of any of the networks knows how to show a horse race.

SIMPLE: go to the track feed, show the first part of the race by the lower pan, and when they get to about the 3/4 pole, switch (like all the tracks do for the public) to a split screen showing the upper and lower pans together. Then when the field gets to about the 5/8ths, go back to the lower pan only.

THAT IS WHAT THE FANS ARE USED TO...The way they show it now, they change camera angles (one year counted 14) so often, that ANYONE (seasoned fan or rookie) could NOT follow the horses as a unit, IMPOSSIBLE.

Eliminate the idiots that don't know a fetlock from a martingale from doing the "color" commentary.
"If this world is all about winners, what's for the losers?" Jr. Bonner: "Well somebody's got to hold the horses Ace."
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