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Vice Chairman Israel said regarding the takeout increase and the issue of price, “People often say we are competing with the casinos. I think that’s shortsighted and wrong. We’re not competing with casinos. We’re in the entertainment business. We’re competing with the Dodgers and the Giants and the Angels and the Lakers and we’re putting on a show. There are some expenses incurred by putting on a show. We need to do a better job of selling the concept that going to the racetrack and experiencing racing has real entertainment value – that it’s something people should be willing to pay for. It is not only a gambling experience. It is also a gambling experience. And I think the pricing reflects the concept that the people who put on the show need to be compensated for putting on the show.

Wrong again Mr. Israel. You're not in the entertainment business and the majority of your handle comes from people that AREN'T AT YOUR RACETRACKS. You're in the gambling business and if you can't even get that simple fact through your head then you have no business being involved in horse racing.

I see a lot of stupid things come out of the CHRB, but I think Mr. Israel has the market cornered on stupidity. I can't believe this guy is paid(by our takeout dollars no less) to make decisions and then has the nerve to say this is an entertainment industry. Where does he think his paychecks come from? What a fool.
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