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USTA, Hoof Beats and Harness Leaders are all trying to out-moron each other

Got my March issue of Hoof Beats in the mail today (thankfully all those stakes payment ads for March 15 deadlines were in the issue).

USTA President Phil Langley starts off the issue with a great analysis of suggestions to help harness racing.

His first suggestion he tackles is lower takeout......"Seems like a no-brainer, but in the past it really has not worked. A gimmick pool once a night at 15% has some appeal to track operators, but to cut the overall takeout from 20% to 15% is truly scary. Such a cut would decrease a track's operating revenue and pure earnings by 25%. This means to offset this loss the handle would have to increase by 33%, and that seems pretty doubtful."

How is it possible this guy is this damn stupid and the President of harness racing's leadership orginization?

I can't even start on how clueless he is just off this one small statement.

Of course Hoof Beats Magazine is a lead pipe lock to prove that if you aren't sure it is run by morons, they remove all doubt right on the next page after Langley's nonsense. In the Reader's Forum, the first headline and comment states........

Internet Wagering Damaged Racing

In his January letter, Jason Settlemoir didn't mention what I think is one of the most damaging things affecting harness racing---Internet Wagering, which returns NOTHING to the horsemen or tracks. Of course it will probably take federal action to correct this.

??????????? How can they print this? Does the editor actually think that harness racing gets nothing from internet wagering. They can' be talking about illegal offshore wagering on harness racing because basically none of those places take harness racing as a wagering option and if they do it's for nothing that matters.

How can Hoof Beats be this stupid?

Also later in the issue their is a 4 page article about some futuristic popularity of harness racing where their is no wagering on the races and they are just racing for purses raised from slot welfare. It's literally a must be on magic mushrooms article.

Reading this stuff just makes me sick.

Harness racing, Hoof Beats and the USTA should be ashamed.

How can people who would swear they are doing everything they can to help harness racing are killing it dead and not have any idea that they are doing it?

Just sickening!

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