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posted by Dave S:
5. TrackNet Media tracks are doing #4 now, as host fees have gone up 1.5%, then to 3%, then 4% and now 5% to rebaters.

6. The problem with what TrackNet is doing is that the increase in host fees is going to them rather than back to the players in the form of lower takes.

7. There is no plan for racing to lower the takeout.
posted by CJ:
Right, but what is happening with tracknet is the takeout stays at 16%, and the rebate drops to 4%. In effect, tracknet is raising takeout.
Absolutely AGREE with all of the above points.

Tracknet, through it's own actions... constantly and quitely raising prices ever higher and getting track signals blocked as a result... is becoming the enemy of literally everbody in the industry.

I'd even argue that most (possibly all) of Tracknet's own tracks (and the horsemen at those tracks) have suffered financial hardship as a result of Tracknet tactics.

Because of what Tracknet does, I can not in good conscience play even $1.00 of my business through Twinspires.


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