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Writing to the Texas Horsemen's Group

The contact name listed on their website is:

I found it ironic that a group formed only in December of last year could have such an affect on our potential betting. Fired off an email to the aforementioned and, of course have not heard back any kind of response. Typical of OUR industry but would encourage ya'll to do the same. Here was my email:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please forward this email to Mr. Tommy Azopardi or whomever else you find
might be interested in reading it.

I am a long-time bettor, and several times owner of horses in Texas.
Imagine my surprise when I fire up my on-line betting service Thursday April
10th and find that Lone Star Park is NOT available on their betting
platform. To make things even more frustrating, this particular ADW was set
up specifically for residents of Texas when folded up and sent
most of their clients over to

Ok. So I can't place a few $2 bets. No big deal. I figure I'll just watch
the races on HRTV. Well, imagine my surprise when there is no LSP racing on
TV. None live, none taped.....nothing.

So who are you guys really representing? I've been a licensed owner in
Texas as recently as June, 2007. Nobody ever contacted me about
representation regarding ADW's, simulcasting, television rights, or the

The current situation out at Lone Star is EXACTLY the type of thing that
makes me never want to renew my owners license again OR go out there and
place a bet ( I live approximately 25 minutes away, by the way ). Heck,
I'll just take up poker or play the lottery for my desire to "gamble". I
can dang sure find a hobby less expensive than thoroughbred horse ownership.
Your horsemen's group (or is it MY horsemen's group?) has a very
shortsighted view of what it's going to take to "grow" their revenues.
Online wagering, free past performances, live races via internet or
television, free taped replays and rebates for wagering ARE the future of
horseracing. Trying to get a larger % of a smaller pie is not the answer.
The answer is making the pie larger.

I think your opening night attendance figures at Lone Star should be an
eye-opener. I don't have a clue what handle was, but I'm sure it declined
significantly too.

In conclusion, making it easier to watch live racing and get a bet down for
the "average" individual should be your goal. NOT the opposite. Thank you
for reading my vent.

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