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Originally Posted by Poindexter View Post
AE, I have a couple of questions. See above. I don't know much about this tech stuff so...............
So why can't they update the odds with the info from the Us Network every 5 second and just add the data from the crappy offshore networks when they are available? Why do they have to wait for the slower data that I assume is fairly irrelevant anyhow?
You're right that most of the time offshore money is going to have little to no impact on the odds. It would require re-writing the protocol that all of the totes currently use to commingle handle and calculate odds (which currently forces a system to wait until all money from all wagering sources are received). There's no reason that can't be done, but it circles back to the question of who's volunteering to put in the money and effort to do it. This isn't a bad idea, though.

Why is this even a concern? Why can't they update the on track equipment at the same snails pace they currently do as long as the adw's are having their data updated at faster intervals, all is good. If anyone at the track wants a more updated odds they can turn on their smartphone. Couldn't the host track also just put the most current data on their own web site which I assume would update quickest of all.
Tracks already don't want people using their smartphones/tablets to go to ADWs while they're at the track. Because you're then more likely to bet through the ADW, rather than to the windows....which means that the track/horsemen/etc get a smaller cut of your handle. This became a big issue in California over the past year, and will probably spill over to other states as everyone tries to salvage their pieces of the shrinking pie.

You may not care about any of that as a player, and I don't blame you. But unfortunately telling tracks "we're going to 5 seconds and your patrons will just have to go to TVG or TwinSpires to see faster odds" would go over like a fart in church.

More and more tracks are rolling out their own mobile sites, where you can view odds and place bets from your smartphone (but all of the bets are treated as if they're made through a window). When that becomes more widespread, then it sort of eliminates the problem above...but like everything else, that's moving at a snail's pace.
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