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Thread: Derby Wars
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I like Derby Wars, but you have to be willing to sit through 7 to 12 races, watching the odds closely. I donít often have the time for this with my kids wanting my attention.

I like the winner take all lockdown tournaments. You make all your picks at the beginning and they are locked for the whole contest. When you take a lead, the others canít guess at longshots to beat you because they canít change their original picks. Also, the payout for the winner take all is nice. Iíve been winning those at a 33% clip on those 7 people tourneys. Iíll be honest and say that I think 3 of the 7 in those tourneys seem to be t-bred cappers, so being a harness only guy already improves my chances. Also, the lockdowns are nice for me because I drop in my entry and walk away to spend time with family.

The qualifier tourneys arenít that hard to win. I wouldnít pay my way into the big tourneys, but Iíll try the quals. I won a qual and the finals for a Sat night $1000 contest on the same night. Final pool was $1500 or so and I got half.

I won my entry to the WHHC finals two weekends ago on Derby Wars. Will be my 5th time at the finals.

I enjoy the survivor contests, but there has to be enough total entries to make it worthwhile. Even so, you want to maximize your number of entries to take top prize. 2nd-10th place arenít worth winning.

I have only good things to say about Derby Wars. You wonít get the same rush as you would hitting a nice p4 or p5 or tri, but if you specialize on one track, you have a long term advantage over others playing that track.

Based on the picks that some of you guys post, Iím sure you would do well in these contests.
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