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Hong Kong Racing Recap
Date: February 21, 2018
Track: Happy Valley
Track Bias: None
Races that have become Key Races after today’s results: None

Notes for the day:
Race 1 (438): +93 High weight Windfull Patrol (46) was allowed to get an easy lead soon after the start after the other confirmed front runner Catchmeifyoucan (23) was a length slow out of the gate, the winner did get tipsy toed late in the stretch and the gang was coming after him but was able to get across the line on fumes. Give Happy Sound (33) another chance next time hoping he draws less early speed next time out, was bet down after a two month rest with Moreira getting most of the attention. King’s Steed (20) was one of the closers but raced too far back early in the race to make up the difference.

Race 2 (439): -104 There was no excuse why Winner’s Way (110) couldn’t get the money, was all by himself for the first 2/3rd of the race and allowed to set slow fractions, but when the lighter weight Packing Dragons (104) pulled up to him in the turn and the fight began he dug down but the weight advantage and him not changing leads was too much to handle. Lacking a kick in the stretch was Sichuan Bar (101), sat in a perfect spot right behind the leaders and was able to stay on the rail but there was not enough there to catch up. Pikachu (88) took advantage of the light weight and ran a very game third, he’s looks like a winner very soon. Limitless (91) quickly galloped out past the field after the wire.

Race 3 (440): 94 Starlot (47) was pretty much done as soon as the gates opened, he leaped out of the gate and put him in the rear of the field with all kinds of traffic issues. Winner Sharp Hunter 63) sat in a perfect spot two wide in the third flight while Super Junior (61) (was going to be on the watch list, but the rise in raing points means he has to go up in class) the heavily bet favourite who had been away since December and Pearly Treasure (49) were banging heads with each other. Moreira got day for his ride on Arizona Blizzard (59) at the 150 metre mark he came out into the path of one of the tiring duelers and The Happy Bunch (48), and possibly taking his chance of winning away from him. Horse Prosperous (48) was full of run at the line and had to be taken up very hard soon after the wire.

Race 4 (441): 95 If you bet Smart Declaration (65) you had to have a huge smile on your face halfway down the backside, sitting in the second flight behind a three horse duel two wide. It looked as if it was only going be two banging but Ho for some reason rushed up Look Eras (58) into the confrontation and three wide to boot, it was the doom for all three, Look Eras did finish very well though more than I can say for Ocean Roar (58) and Flying Monkey (55). Noble De Boy (46), Rookie Star (45) and Actuariat (41) closed well late after the duel set it up for them.

Race 5 (442): -95 Whyte was adamant on getting the lead on Top Act (53), he went into the first turn 4 wide and continued to push for the lead until he had it, he engulfed at the top of the lane. The winner Sichuan Boss (58) had a pretty eventful trip, was a little slow then became rank going into the first turn then shifted out to the 7 path entering the stretch and after it took a while for Berry to get him to switch leads he ran past the leaders and was under a stranglehold crossing the wire.

Race 6 (443): 110 By the time they reached the top of the lane anybody who has ever watched a horse race could point out the winner, Born In China (111) exploded as soon as he straightened up and gave nobody else a chance. California Whip (93) did represent himself well after going wide into the stretch but there was no way he was getting up, E-Super (85) may have found his current ceiling and should appreciate the drop back in class.

Race 7 (444): -101 Moreira made a premature move on Ensuring (77) into the duel on the backside that sent him 3 wide into the turn and in turn didn’t have enough juice left to carry it to the wire. Super Chic (73) had to be steadied entering the stretch when Bank On Red (73) drifted out but I don’t think it mattered too much for Super Chic was starting to back up at the same time. The winner Sharp Sailor (78) was the recipient off the interference and Rawiller was able to scoot thru on the rail and hold off Ishvara (63) and Acclaimed Light (63) who closed but in my opinion weren’t going to catch the winner if they had raced another 200 metres.

Race 8 (445): 100 Second time starter Comfort Life (69) was bumped and checked to the back of the field soon after the start when Fortune Bo Bo (84) came in on him and Charity Glory (77). Winner of now 5 out of 6 Ivictory (95) sat right off of a rank frontrunner and when asked by Moreira he ran away for the field like it was a morning workout, Triumphant Jewel (69) (who looks to be sitting on a big effort soon) and Radiant Steed (82) closed well but were no challenge for the easy un-pushed favourite. Last race of Jade Theatre (79) must have taken too much out of him for the effort he gave in the stretch.

Race 9 (446): 100 The bad night (only 1 win and a suspension) for Moreira continued in here, as soon as the gates opened his ride Dances With Dragon (84) stood straight up and one of the gate crew grabbed Moreira and the horse ran off only to run interference for the remainder of the race. Also, at the same time Circuit Hassler (78) leaped and then jostled losing at least 9 lengths to the field, so a big black line goes thru this race for him. Purton on Affluence Start (72) had a scary moment when the loose runner came in over him in the short turn on the backside, costing him at least a couple lengths, then the frontrunner Beauty Prince (83) became very rank when he came to him, Poon did a good job getting him to re-relax after he went by. Looked like the bugboy Wong was going to get High Volatility (68) home at the 300 metre mark but couldn’t hold off Imperial Gallantry (87) (who would be a real nice runner if he would ever figure out how to switch leads) late, Good Omen (82) closed well but was a little too far back to make up the difference, he looks to have acclimated to Hong Kong now. Charter Legend () had to check up at the 250 mark when he tried splitting rivals. Lots went on in this race.

Horses to watch for next out list:
Race 2 (439) #7 Pikachu (88): Put in a very nice effort in a class that is probably a little over his head, settled mid-pack in a small size field for Hong Kong while the high weight was setting a very slow early pace. Got to the rear quarter panel of the eventual winner Packing Dragon (104) in the stretch but just wasn’t fast to get any closer. Look for a drop back into Class 2.

Race 5 (442) #5 Sichuan Boss (58): Was a little slow out of the gate taking a slight leap forward losing him a little less than a length to the field, then rushed himself under a stranglehold under Berry but became pretty rank when he was in the pocket. Finally settled mid-pack in a slowly pace Class 4 race, moved to the three path when Berry decided for him to get into the race moved even wider entering the stretch and was at the front in less than 300 metres since when Tommy had started riding him, ran away from them under a very light ride with plenty in the tank and galloped out with his ears pricking around wondering where everybody was.

Horses to avoid next out:

*Speed figures length equalizations:
1,000 – 2.8
1,200 – 2.3
1,400 – 1.9
1,600 – 1.7
1,650 – 1.6
1,800 – 1.5
2,000 – 1.3
2,200 – 1.2
2,400 – 1

Pars :
Graded Stakes – 110
Class 1 – 107
Class 2 – 104
Class 3 – 100
Class 4 – 96
Class 5 – 92
Griffin – 85

*Speed figure notations:
Before the number:
+ - Race had an extremely fast early pace.
-- - Race had an extremely slow early pace.
After the number:
# - Figure was adjusted due to abnormal fast or slow final time.
? – Figure was not adjusted but may be out of line for their normal performance for the class.
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