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Hong Kong Racing Recap
Date: February 4, 2018
Track: Sha Tin
Track Bias: None
Races that have become Key Races after today’s results: 321

Notes for the day:
Race 1 (391): 92 Frontrunner Ruminare (34) had no excuse not to finish better than he did, after getting away with an easy lead while half of the field was running wide in the turn. The chalk with Moreira on Treasure And Gold (38) leaped out of the gate costing him at least a length but disallowed Moreira to put him in more favourable running position on the backside, then was blocked in the stretch while the longshot winner Regency Honey (34) was getting away from him after he had a near perfect trip. Don Wongchoy (24) closed well late in the stretch after travelling wide in the turn. Moreira’s ride Cheers Conqueror (31) was pulled up immediately after the wire.

Race 2 (392): -97 Purton on the favourite Have Fun Together (54) was unable to find a way near the rail leading into the turn after breaking from the 12 hole and you just can’t go 4 wide at Sha Tin on lesser animals and win. Fresh Power (49) never felt the stick being totally covered up on the rail with no room to run at any time of the race. The 18 pounds looked to have done in Moreira on Arizona Blizzard (59) late in the stretch that he conceded to Beaut Beaut (50), he had a little difficulty too having to wait behind a wall of tiring runners before he could get up when clear, but not as much as the second place first time starter Ka Ying Brilliance (53) broke a little slow then had to swing wide into the stretch and then had to slightly take up, when finally clear of any obstacles he took the bit and closed with full of run.

Race 3 (393): -113# Have no idea what the riders were thinking in this race, letting Dinozzo (114) and Moreira set such pedestrian fractions on the lead but they all paid for it in the end. Amazing that a horse can run on Wednesday and win again in a graded race on Sunday, guess you can do it when you don’t fill them full of drugs constantly. Gold Mount (114) closed well considering how the race was set up for him, but you could tell half-way thru the stretch he was done from winning it.

Race 4 (394): -95 Both Top Score (58) and Presidentparamount (45) had their moments on the backside where they weren’t happy about running, throwing their heads around enough that it was enough to draw lines thru their races. First time starter Jin Jin King (57) and Ambitious Pins (47) (later was full of run in the stretch but never was able to find clear running) were bumped very hard at the start, as with the winner Grade One (55) who wore down the big favourite Super Missile (61) (who had no excuse for not winning, Purton was given a warning regarding how he finished on the horse to the wire) at the 50 metre mark only to have to hold off a hard charging longshot City Legend (59) who had raced too far back to make up the groud to the wire.

Race 5 (395): 101 Another race that Berry gets himself into a good position on the rail but doesn’t seem to find a way out of it when he needs to, Grand Chancellor (77) looked full of run but was hesitate on splitting thru on the rail and then was blocked when the frontrunner drifted back over onto him. Another runner who was looking for room in the stretch was Moreira on the favourite Bring It On (70), but I don’t believe with a perfect trip he would have been able to get by the winner Rule Thee (76), the race was written for him to win and there was nothing any of them could have done to beat him on that day.

Race 6 (396): 95 The favourite Noble Steed (62) had no excuse not to hold off the winner other than conceding 11 pounds to him, but even with that he should have held on after sitting on the rail behind a duel and then no interference in the lane, now he has to go up to Class 3 off that effort, good luck. On the other hand the winner Sonic Fighter (57) was three wide in the turn and 5 wide entering the stretch and very green switching off his proper lead foot when hit by Leung with the stick. Nam Jong Plus (57) and first time starter Awesome Sauce (52) were pinched back at the start, and Magic Success (48) with Purton on gave no indication that he wanted to put in a descent effort and Moreira’s ride Relentless Me (57) early pace must have taken a lot out of him, for he was a very quick pull up after the race.

Race 7 (397): -103 It looked at the 150 metre mark that the bug boy Poon was going to be able to get Mr Genuine (97) home with a clean trip, all the while the chalk Ping Hai Star (94) was running into traffic problems, but when the seas parted for him he took the bit and closed very well reaching for the wire. You can take a big marks-a-lot pen and scratch right thru Limitless’ (92) effort, he was flat footed out of the gate losing at least 3 lengths to the field and then closed well in the stretch after going extremely wide in the turn. Third place runner Kingsfield (87) looked to have waffled home, running just fast enough to be close but not a good enough effort to catch the leader.

Race 8 (398): 102 Very professional effort by the winner C P Power (67), sat mid-pack 2 wide had to avoid running up onto another runner at the 360 metre mark then split a couple rivals without hesitating in the hole and ran down the second betting choice Turin Redstar (74) late in the lane. The chalk with Moreira on Infinity Endeavour (73) was three wide in the turn and drifted out to the five path but lacked a final kick.

Race 9 (399): 100 Heading into the turn My Beginner’s Luck (73) didn’t take the turn very well and drifted out and really effected Dashing Gainer (62), Ivictory (85) and then Purton on Super Wise (66) had to take up when he came back over to the rail. The winner Ivictory quickly regathered himself and moved to the front by the time they got to the stretch and ran away from the rest like it was a morning barrier trial (figure probably would have come back a little higher if not for the trouble, also looked like he recovered from the cannon bone injury), Super Wise put in a nice effort considering he had all the trouble in the turn but would never have beaten the winner on this day. Real poor effort for Better Choice (61) even after travelling wide in the turn, he threw in the anchor soon in the stretch.

Race 10 (400): 104 Looked like Mo may have moved a little too prematurely on Regency Bo Bo (80) even with the outside draw, instead of sitting right off of Perpetual Treasure (80) he allowed his runner get away from him. Moreira was more than happy to let that evolve in front of him on Sir Redalot (80), sitting third entering the stretch he waited for Mo’s ride to start to tire and just went by very easily. Nice close by World Record (82) was too far back to catch the winner but after a wide trip he’s someone to give a second look at next race.

Horses to watch for next out list:
Race 4 (394) #10 Ambitious Pins (47): Was bumped sideways coming out of the gate when one of the runners under him took a left turn out of the gate and it looked as if he took the worse of it. Made a nice move on the backside with Rispoli trying to get him back in the race, was full of run in the stretch but was totally blocked with nowhere to go, was steadied at the 150 mark to go closed well when room became available but by then the race was over.

Race 9 (399): #8 Super Wise (66): Was involved in the race where My Beginner’s Luck took a left turn and bothered a few runners with the big winner Ivictory being one of them. When My Beginner’s Luck came back together after drifting out he came back over on Super Wise and forced Purton to take up on him costing him his action and a couple lengths, was never going to catch the winner but beat the rest with ease.

Horses to avoid next out:
Race 3 (393) Dinozzo (114): Will not get a more perfect trip than he did today, now with his ratings up to 114 he’ll have to face the big boys from here on out.

*Speed figures length equalizations:
1,000 – 2.8
1,200 – 2.3
1,400 – 1.9
1,600 – 1.7
1,650 – 1.6
1,800 – 1.5
2,000 – 1.3
2,200 – 1.2
2,400 – 1

Pars :
Graded Stakes – 110
Class 1 – 107
Class 2 – 104
Class 3 – 100
Class 4 – 96
Class 5 – 92
Griffin – 85

*Speed figure notations:
Before the number:
+ - Race had an extremely fast early pace.
-- - Race had an extremely slow early pace.
After the number:
# - Figure was adjusted due to abnormal fast or slow final time.
? – Figure was not adjusted but may be out of line for their normal performance for the class.
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