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Originally Posted by Fager Fan View Post
Those reports see wide circulation. Everyone in racing has read them and knows this to be the case. It isn't indication of being brought back to racing prior to proper healing of a previous serious injury. Instead, it's the beginning stages of the future fracture.

The problem is detection. If the horse is showing no signs of lameness, then it can get past the trainer, the trainer's vet, and the state vet. This isn't to say that there aren't trainers who will overlook or cover up signs of lameness, but most are conscientious.
The problem isn't "detection"...the problem is that the trainers aren't punished enough when they show a blatant disregard for the instituted medication laws of this game. If the problem was "detection"...then illegal substances like cobra venom and frog juice wouldn't get the attention that they've gotten in recent years. And it isn't just the lesser-known trainers at the minor tracks who indulge in the use of these powerful painkillers, whose sole purpose is to numb these unfortunate horses to the injuries that they are forced to race with.

"Cobra venom is a therapeutic", declared the internationally well-known trainer Patrick Biancone...when veils of cobra venom were discovered in his barn in 2007. His training licence was suspended, but it was later reinstated by the KHRA...because he had supposedly "served his time". "Serving his time" means that a criminal is allowed to return to "society at large" after paying his debt to doesn't mean that he gets to return to the profession that he already disgraced by his prior offences. When a doctor gets imprisoned for intentionally mistreating his patients, he gets released after "serving his time"...but he isn't allowed to return to practicing medicine. But these are mere "technicalities", as far as horseracing is concerned...and the game's "integrity" problems are allowed to persist. And we are supposed to believe that the business interests aren't placed ahead of the horses' safety in this game.
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